Original post to Darkwind’s Garou Board as "Wolf Tales (17)"

Revised: 15.10.2021

The Report


SUBJECT: Encounter with Black Spiral Dancers and Wyrm Manifestation

LOCATION: Darkwind continent, Wastelands, vicinity of Mendahl Village

DATE/TIME: Windsday, Tarsakh, pre-dawn to dawn hours

SUBMITTER: Nagha of the Silent Striders, Pack Leader of The Moon Runners

SUMMARY: the Pack, six members, tracked Dancer party. Came upon Mendahl Village, discovered 27 mostly adult male corpses and no living beings. Tracked 24 Dancers northeast of Mendahl, with 57 prisoners, all adult female or children. Dancers in unusual haste. Attacked and destroyed all Dancers, freed prisoners. Found Dancers' destination, discovered apparent early manifestation of Wyrm, destroyed.

FRIENDLY LOSSES: none killed, all wounded -- three light (recoverable), two moderate (recoverable), one critical (uncertain).

ASSESSMENT: Dancers apparently needed blood sacrifice to aid major manifestation of Wyrm on physical world. Unusual haste, apparently sensitive timetable. (Their "time" problem is main reason for our successful surprise/shock attack and thus our relatively light casualties). Wyrm manifestation best described as a kind of "tree-being", with "roots" into earth and tentacles for "branches". Creature was weak and fading when we found it and expired without our intervention, presumably for lack of energy which blood sacrifice would have provided.

AFTERMATH: future of Mendahl village unclear -- lost all adult males. We provided first aid and guidance. Installed late chief's son as acting leader.

VEIL: preserved. Villagers under severe shock and stress, but now mostly because of adult male deaths; the Delirium represses That Which They Should Not Remember.

RENOWN: Submitted for approval: Marcus the Ronin, six of six, for extraordinarily heightened perception of entire situation, without which the Pack would never have found the Dancers nor discovered the Wyrm manifestation and for uncommon valor during the ensuing battle.

End of Report.