Eve Online

Last update:  17.01.2017

I'm afraid I won't tell you much about my Eve activity.  The nature of this very strange MMO requires one to maintain a certain level of confidentiality.  The more info you give out about your Eve persona, the more of a target you make yourself.

Did you blink in surprise?  Then you don't know Eve.  And that's OK!  It's not your mainstream MMO.  It definitely serves a niche.

Eve is a pervasive PvP environment.  By that I mean:  no matter where you go in the Eve universe, you face danger.  Yes, there are areas where you're much less likely to be a victim and others where you take great risk.  That's part of the fun.  When you play Eve, you constantly balance Risk and Reward.  How well you do that determines your effectiveness in the Eve universe.

Eve is an amazingly complex game.  You never master it.  If you believe you have, then it's only a matter of time before Eve smacks you down.  Hard.  And as you lie there, trying to get back up, Eve will demand to know by what right you attempt to rise again.  Such moments will define you.  And I promise:  there is no other MMO on the market that will give you that depth of experience.

Which is not to say it's perfect.  No MMO is and Eve has a lot wrong with it.  And a lot right.  So I play.  Perhaps I'll elaborate on that more at some time, but this intro suffices for now.

If you are FOL (Friend of Liv) and you have a genuine interest in Eve, then contact me.  You know how.