Last Update:  10.01.2017

Sadly, I don't have a graphic of my character anymore.  I also can't remember the European Server I was on.

My name was Marcus Livius and I was an Elezan Archer.

Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn, is a lovely MMO.  I stopped playing only because of time -- so many games, so little time.

If, however, you have the time, enjoy your basic trinity combat system and medieval fantasy, then I heartily recommend FF14.

I spent six months in the original  FF14, before the "ARR" part.  That game was clunky as all hell, with a horrid UID and bugs out the wazoo.  Still ... even back then, its lovely potential was obvious and it was with deep regret that I stopped.

But the most important reason for my positive opinion of FF14 is the admin.  Square Enix (SE) did something with FF14 that is unprecedented in the MMO industry:  they admitted that their first attempt at FF14 (which we popularly labeled "FF14 1.0") was a mistake.  They apologized to the user community for a product that was "unworthy of SE".  Then they took the game completely offline for about a year to fix it.

Stop reading for a moment and think about that.

Now imagine a USA-based MMO company facing the same issues ... do you think, for even a moment, that they would go the admit-apologize-go-offline-and-fix route?  You're not that naive, are you?

And then SE relaunched FF14 under the "ARR" label.  The result was nothing short of sensational.

I wish I had the time to play every MMO that deserves my time.  When I do, FF14 ARR is on the top of my list of "MMOs to Which I Will Return."