Various People in GW2

Last Update: 11 February 2014


Norn Girl in Hoelbrek, paying her respects at a shrine.

16 September 2012


Queen Jennah of Divinity's Reach, at Caudecus Manor.

10 September 2012


A Vigil soldier in Orr takes a breather between fights.

26 November 2012


Commander Harmonizer

16 December 2012



28 December 2012


Caithe, Sylvari firstborn.

30 December 2012


Commander Dranul.

02 January 2013


Rows of Piken golems stand ready in the pre-dawn hour.  After suffering repeated losses during the holiday period, when most Piken fighters were gone, Piken surged back in the post-holiday period, culminating in today's overrun of Eternal Battlegrounds.  Piken Square is back and our enemies know fear again.

09 January 2013


Norn lady in awesome armor, Lion's Arch.

20 January 2013


Commander Katiechops of BOON Control.

30 January 2013


Lady in Lion's Arch.

19 May 2013



Arelle Lionhead, 22 October 2013, Fields of Ruin.              Conferring with Eir Stegalkin, 24 October 2013



02 November 2013, Bloodtide Coast.                          10 November 2013, steadfast in Orr.


06 February 2014.  Relaxing in Metrica Province ... Asura style.