10 October 2012


During a guild meeting on 09 October 2012,  we visited the grave of Killeen, in the Secluded Glen, Fields of Ruin.  The following is a reconstruction of my speech and actions at the site.  Unfortunately, I have no method to capture text in GW2 except by multiple screenshots, which is too cumbersome, so I base the text below on the script I used plus some emotes and comments from my best recollection.


Today, I'm going to tell you about one of my great brethren, the Sylvari Necromancer, Killeen.

Killeen was born during the Cycle of Night. She was known as honest, direct, focused and cunning, but also rather naive about other races -- as all Sylvari are, actually.  Killeen first met Dougal Keane in the crypts under Divinity's Reach.  Who knows who Dougal Keane is?  The most famous human explorer ever -- long story, but that's not our purpose tonight.  Killeen and Dougal were part of a krewe that the Asura Golemancer, Clagg, formed to find the Golem's Eye. To save time, I won't talk about Clagg or the Eye tonight.

The next time that Killeen joined Dougal was for the expedition to the Ascalon City Ruins to recover the Claw of the Khan-Ur.  An ancient Charr artifact left in the ruins of Ascalon. The Khan-Ur is the only supreme ruler of the Charr and one requirement to be the Khan-Ur is to hold the Claw.  There is no Khan-Ur now and there has only ever been one in all of Charr history.  Today, the Charr are organized into the four High Legions, which each of the Khan'Ur's children formed.

What's all this got to do with Killeen?  Patience.

So you can imagine the importance of the Claw to the Charr!  But its importance extended to Kryta as well, for Queen Jennah desired peace and alliance with the Charr to fight the dragons and the only way to win the hearts of the Charr was to retrieve the Claw.  And so Killeen again accompanied Dougal and others on an expedition. The stakes were high this time, for if the Humans and Charr failed to set aside their hostility, the dragons would surely destroy both. 
A noble mission, yes, but to be honest, Killeen's insatiable curiosity and wanderlust wouldn't let her pass up a chance to be the first Sylvari to set foot in the haunted city.

Liverius sighs.

Killeen never made it there.

While they were crossing the Dragonbrand, a group of branded guardians ambushed the party.  The team survived the assault, but only because of Killeen's heroism. And she paid the ultimate price for it.

Although she never did get the honor of being the first Sylvari to enter the Ruins of Ascalon and she also never beheld the Claw of Khan-Ur, without Killeen's selflessness, the expedition would have failed.  But Dougal's team succeeded. They recovered the Claw. Kryta made peace and alliance with the Charr. 
Today, the Claw hangs within Imperator's Core in the Black Citadel. And today, Human and Charr fight the same enemy.

Liverius approaches the grave.  He kneels and takes a small paper bundle from his jacket, unwraps it to reveal a bouquet of white flowers.  Liverius lays the flowers on the pile of stones.

Liverius stands.  He places his hand over his chest, where the heart would be if Sylvari had one, bows his head.

Rest in peace, Dear Sister. One with Ventari's Wisdom ... and one with the Dream. The sapling who lived the shortest, bloomed the fullest.

Liverius wipes his eyes.  He turns to face the group.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for coming.  You're dismissed.