Last update:  27 September 2013


23 September 2013


You did what you thought was right.  It wasn't.  But you thought it was.  Your motive was pure.  It went badly.   But you are not evil.  You didn't want what happened.

And that should be an "excuse"?

No.  But there's no one in all of Tyria who doesn't carry a burden of regret for something they did.  You're not alone with that.  But you've been carrying this one long enough.  You learned.  It won't happen again.  It's past.  Doesn't belong to you any more.  Time to lay it down, let it go, move on.  Start living again.

I don't know how.

You have a choice.  You can stay ... or you can go.

Go where?

To where you were and where you still are.  Where you've always been.  Stand there.  Look.  And remember.

I do remember.  I can't stop remembering!

No, not that.  You must remember you.  Who you are and were meant to be.  The real you -- not this broken thing, hiding in the shadows.


Your time is now.  Reach out and take it.  Run with it.  Hold nothing back.  Play the role you were meant to play -- no one else can.


He stands.  Walks out of the cave and into the dawn of the new day.