A Matter of Attitude

Added here:  31 May 2014

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Saturday mid-morning, 24 May 2014, Deso Borderlands


The Ranger speeds to the top of the little hill, peers over the crest, sees nothing on the road leading up to north gate of Baruch-held Hills, waves to those behind him and then goes over the top. Three Badgers quickly follow.

"Get ready," says the Head Badger, as they move toward the gate. "Slip the guards and go cat spot. We'll grab this while our Commander goes west."

The Ranger suddenly stops, raises his arm. "Hold! I hear catapults." He squints. "Not ours".

"Let's find out," orders the Boss. The four run past the guards, ignore their hostile reaction and move closer to the catapult sounds until...

"Back!" orders the Head Badger. "Call the zerg now!"

"How many?" asks the Ranger.

"10 to 15. Wall 25%".

The Ranger nods, dodges away from the guards and opens the Deso comms channel; as the group's "communicator", he's the only on it. "Commander! Hills, 15 SFR, cata spot, wall 25%, we're only four."

The Commander answers immediately. "Let SFR have it. It hurts Baruch and we're focusing them. And we're not pissing off SFR."

The Ranger's jaw drops. He's unable to speak for a moment.

"Well?!" demands the Head Badger. "Is he on his way?"

The Ranger shakes his head quickly to snap out of it. Then, in a dry voice, he relays the Commander's words to his mates.

Silence. Three Badgers stand there, eyes wide, jaws slack. The 4th is the Head Badger. He presses his lips together hard, clenches and unclenches his fists, pulls his lips back from his grinding teeth and finally loses it, screams out curses, kicks a rock across the meadow.

He calms down just as suddenly. "Alright, then," he says, frustration and anger still evident in his tone. "I have no respect for this one. We leave this borderland now, put distance between ourselves and him. Waypoint to SFR. If this commander won't engage them, then we will."

The wind blows over the suddenly empty field.