Damage Dealers (DPSers)

I don't like DPSers. It's because ... well ... they're DPSers. If you are DPS, I don't like you. I'm just being honest.

But it's not so bad. Really not. For two reasons. 1st, it's not personal. It's not you I dislike -- it's simply your DPS...ness. 2nd, despite my dislike of you, I'm professional. I'm a healer. I do my job. Most of the time, I do it right.

I said most of the time. We all cock up sometime.

So when I say that I don't like you, what I'm really saying is: from the moment you join my party, I'm judging your worth.

By what critieria? Here you go:

1. Leroy. As in Jenkins.

.  a. Tolerable: you wait for the tank to start combat.

.  b. Dislike: you charge, grab aggro and die.

(The reason I say "die" above: because I will let you. It's my attempt to modify your behavior. You're welcome).

2. Post-Wipe Blame Game.

.  a. Dislike: it's the healer's fault.

.  b. Tolerable: you say nothing.

.  c. I Might Even LIKE You Some Day: you make a self-critical comment.

3. Self-Defense & Mitigation.

.  a. Dislike: you're far too cool to use defensive CDs or anything that lessens your incoming damage. Ever. Let the healer deal with it all by himself. That's why he's a healer. Duh.

.  b. Tolerable: you work mitigation into your rotation and you use CDs in tight spots.

My favorite example is the Jedi Consular Sage's "Force Armor". It's insta-cast, lasts 30 sec and absorbs a high amount of damage. I'm a Sage Healer. Sometimes I get a DPS Sage in my group. So, Mr. DPS Sage, I see your health is down. I click on you, intending to throw you a heal. But I notice your FA is not up. I just lost my motivation to heal you. I click on someone else and heal them instead. Oh ... you died? And it's my fault? Well, I suppose you're right, since I did make a conscious decision to not heal you.

But allow me this: why the hell are you not using Force Armor?!

Oh ... you're waiting for me to cast it on you? I'm the healer, so it's my job? You can't be arsed to make it part of your rotation because an insta-cast spell somehow interrupts your damage-dealing? So working an insta-cast into your rotation -- one that would significantly ease my healing burden at almost no cost to you -- is something you just can't manage?

<shrug> Then die.

And then please put me on your /ignore -- that way, I don't have to put you on mine. Thanks.

Of course there are good DPSers out there. I've met many who went from "don't like" to "tolerable". I'm always happy when that happens! Given a choice between "not liking" someone and eventually finding them "tolerable", I'll take the latter any day.

But until then, I don't like you.