Important Trivialities

Little things matter.

HEALER'S LOG 20161109. Athiss.

It's a good group. The DPSers are tolerable and the tank knows her stuff.

(Note: any reference I make to gender applies to the avatar and not necessarily the real person.  If you're a Real Life Male, who plays a female character, then for my purposes, you're female.  It's your choice to exhibit gender confusion, so deal with it).

We're cruising along at a decent clip. The tank is lower than Level 65, which always piques my interest, so I examine her gear. Two really low relics. So I craft her much better ones while we fight. In under seven minutes, they're ready.

Right before the boss fight (The Beast), I trade her. She refuses, says they'll be obsolete soon. I remind her how much more obsolete her current ones are and trade again. She refuses again. I tell her that they are not for her -- they're for me ... it makes my job as healer that much easier. "We'll survive," is her response. She refuses me for the 3rd time and initiates combat.

I heal the group through the fight. No one dies.

I pass on the loot and tell them how sorry I am that I cannot continue. I wish them luck. I leave.

There are times when it's noble to refuse a gift.

And times when it's foolish.

Know the difference.