PvP Healing

I'm not just a Master FP healer. I'm also a Warzone (WZ) healer.

As dramatic and gut-wrenching as my stories thusfar may be, let me assure you: the latter is more dramatic and gut-wrenching than the former. It is only in the warzone that the healer truly comprehends the full gravity of his chosen role.

(Or "her". I generally use the masculine pronoun for brevity and to avoid such silly constructions as "him/her" or "himr". My comments about "healers" apply equally to a lady healer).

No Heroic, no Flashpoint -- Veteran or Master -- no Operation ... no combat situation outside the Warzone can come close to the horrors the healer will witness and personally experience there. Being a WZ healer tests your patience, perseverence and the thickness of your skin like no other activity in all of SWTOR. It's usually quite unpleasant.

Then why do it?

I can only speak for myself. I do it because there is nothing else for me. No other role is conscionable.

The Healer is the heart of PvP. Everything turns on him. Other roles are mere auxiliaries.

Don't expect a Tank or DPSer to agree. But then, that's why they're auxiliaries.

A WZ team is successful if ... it works best as a team. (Duh). But it begins with understanding roles in the WZ.

And those roles, reduced to the fewest words possible, are:

HEALERS: heal your team.

TANKS: protect your healers.

DPS: nuke the enemy healers.

If your WZ team doesn't understand those basic truths, then it matters not if you're perfect in every other facet of teamwork -- you will fail in the Warzone.

With the above as a starting point, you're ready to hear some WZ stories...