The Healer's List (3)

Let's continue down "The List" and see what pops out...

Healer's Log 20161006. Cademimu

On rare occasions, things work out and a dumbass gets what they richly deserve.

Its name is "Elena Romanov". A noble name for an ignoble fool. Early on, she starts a vote to kick me from the group because I'm "not healing." It's true, I wasn't healing -- because I was dead; a trash mob group where they focused me, where my situationally-unaware groupmates were too busy doing whatever the hell they were doing (stroking their epeen) instead of what the hell they should have been doing (saving their healer).

In as few words as possible, I point out (1) my "dead" status, (2) the reasons for it and (3) that either she goes or I go.

The other two promptly reject Elena's vote-kick, then vote-kick her.

Yeah. Life is good sometimes.

Healer's Log 20150523. WZ The Pit (Huttball)

Huttball is my absolute favorite WZ. On this one, Pikkutinasoturi (that is seriously her name) has the ball and she's running for the goal line. I'm further along, so I Rescue her closer to the goal and heal her as she runs the rest of the way and scores the winning point.

She blows me a kiss. I melt.

Healer's Log 20160829. Lost Island

His name is Simious. At the first wipe, he rage-quits, while saying, "It's 4am, I canot wipe on a bloody FP, cya."

<blink> Then don't queue for a group at 4am, Dumbass.

Healer's Log 20161113. Rakata Prime

Vicekonna is a really good tank. And you need one for this FP. We're on the bonus boss and he's a tricky bastard, because you have to watch for the AoE and immediately run behind the broken urn. If you miss the window by even a split second, you're toast.

"Toast" describes our two DPSers, who already have that status less than halfway into the fight. For one of them, it's his 2nd death, so my combat rez is already on CD.

But Vicekonna and I keep fighting. Without DPSers, it's a long fight. But we flawlessly avoid the Boss' AoE, jumping behind the urn in time and popping back out to continue. When the Boss finally kisses the ground, it's nothing short of glorious. I love fights like that.

The DPSers are full of praise. Vicekonna thanks them and then explains how I was "touching her butt" when we were behind the urn.

It's not true. But I wish it were.