Healer's List (4)

Let's get positive. Just for a bit. To shake things up. Here are some people from my PHOF (Personal Hall of Fame).

Ackona & Hamsterborn

Healer's Log 20161016. Lost Island. These are two DPSers who I like. And
yes, that is really the latter guy's name. They're in one of the toughest Master FPs in
SWTOR, they're only Level 50, they've never done it before -- and they're kicking
ass. How much? How about 1st-time kills on Bosses 1 & 2? (If you know those
bosses, you're impressed, aren't you? If you don't, then take my word for it). I
craft them some relics for free.


Healer's Log 20161012, Athiss. A good DPSer. Has situational awareness (i.e.,
stands in the places he should and gets the hell out of places he should not).
Cleanses self instead of expecting healer to do it. Tanks after the tank dies.

Good tanks

Aegies, 20161022, Lost Island
Beril, 20161206, Cademimu
Davin Lim, 20161016, Kaon
Divensen, 20161101, Cademimu
Hhenrysecond, 20160815, Lost Island
Jay'fox, 20161012, Athiss
Jusana, 20161206, Cademimu
Kal'din Voran, 20161221, Maelstrom Prison
Mignetty, 20161011, Czerka Corporate Labs
Moganas, 20120519, Directive 7 and many more
Muk, 20150208, Battle of Ilum and many more
Ploskodonka, 20161103, Mandalorian Raiders
Sddhh, 20161110, Lost Island
Slaz, 20141231, Athiss
Spuntick-shad, 20161108, Cademimu
Srédná, 20161105, Maelstrom Prison
Wisesoul, 20120703, Kaon