Severe Brain Death (or "Damagers, Part 3")

Healer's Log 20170107. Athiss.

1st Boss. Hell of a battle! Tank and DPSers are doing some WrongThings(tm) and taking more damage than they should. All of them. At the same time! It's a healer's nightmare on the one hand -- but a fun challenge on the other. I'm stressed to the max as health bars drop on everyone simultaneously, but I manage it. When the boss hits the floor, all four of us are still alive, even if we're low on health. Invigorating!

Less invigorating, however, is the opinion of a certain DPS named Wagner. It's a noble name, with a long and glorious history, such as Richard Wagner, the great composer. Sadly, this particular "Wagner" isn't much worthy of the name. He demands to know why I "don't heal". I'm in no mood, so I affirm my belief in the stupidity of his question. I demand to know if he watched the health bars during the fight and if he noticed that no one died. His response is "no thanks to you." The Tank observes that it was a "hard fight." Wagner complains that I "only healed him once."

I've had enough, so I announce that Wagner "will now leave the group or I will." I start the votekick. As reason, I write: "Mouthy about things he doesn't understand."

The Tank and DPS2 attempt to restore order, which is noble. The problem is that their efforts boil down to "let's just chill and continue." To his credit, DPS2 sends me a supportive whisper. The Tank does the same in group-chat.

At this point, all Wagner had to do was make some a gesture of remorse, even a small one. His best effort falls woefully short.

My votekick fails. I leave the group.