The Perfect Troll -- Part 1/2

In a previous post, I talked about the Lost Island Boss "Project Sav-Rak", who "...jumps on pipes, spits poison and knocks you off the platform into the lava." I called this fight " of the toughest tests of a healer's ability in a SWTOR FP." It's one of the reasons why LI is my favorite FP.

OK ... hold that thought.

Healer's Log 20160109. Lost Island.

Of all the DPSers, who I ever met in SWTOR and did not like, none come close to the low level of "Sergeant Jerkinator". Yes, that's his name -- and the "Sergeant" bit is part of the name and not his "rank".

Jerk is a replacment DPS after a disconnect. As soon he joins, I sigh upon seeing his name. This can't be good, I think. But never judge a book by its cover, so let's deal with it and see.

We wipe three times on Project Sav-Rak -- all three times because our other DPSer, Spirassidea, is out of position and the boss whacks him into the lava. This boss fight is such that, if even one person dies, you cannot win -- unless perhaps the boss is almost dead anyway. And you cannot rez someone from the lava.

So the 3rd time Spirassidea makes the same mistake, I sigh at him. And that's when Jerky goes ballistic.

Take a minute to really think about what Jerk says, how he says it and the meaning behind it. When you're ready for my take on it, I'll post a followup.