Healer's List (5)

Healer's Log 20161210.  Hammer Station

Our tank is Cancerto.  He's taking a lot of damage and too fast.  So I ask him if he's really a tank.  He admits he is not.  I ask why he queued as a "tank".  He responds that he did it "to be interesting."  I tell him that I don't appreciate him making my job harder just to make his job "interesting."  The other two damagers don't seem to have a problem with it, so I leave.

Healer's Log 20170513.  Depths of Manaan

This Flashpoint, on Master Mode of course, is one of the hardest ones out there.  It ranks right up there with Lost Island, Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi.  DoM's stumbling block is Boss 2.  He's the fish-guy who likes to put gray muck on the floor that hurts if you stand in it.  He does it randomly during the battle and, at intervals, he quickly spreads it to cover the entire floor.  In between, adds spawn which go right for the healer.  It's a tough fight that requires good situational awareness, quick reflexes and high DPS.  About 80% of my PUGs fail here.

Everyone has to focus to succeed here.  One misstep and it's a wipe.  Blueyes is one of our Damagers and a Sage, too.  While Boss-Fish does his cover-the-floor trick and we're all running like maniacs for the safe spot, I'm channeling a heal on someone who badly needs it.  Blueyes -- for reasons that defy all that is holy and logical -- chooses that moment to do a RESCUE on me.  That's the sage ability that pulls the target to the sage.  It's quite useful for getting a group member out of a tight spot.  In the two Huttball Warzones, it rules.

Here, however, it quite effectively interrupts the heal I'm channeling.  The target of my heal dies in the muck.  A wipe follows soon after.

Naturally, the group blames the healer.  I point out that I was RESCUEed during a heal.  They don't care -- or they don't understand.  So I leave.

Healer's Log 20170120, -22 & -25.

It's been said that I'm too quick to judge people, that I should give them more chances before I /ignore them or write them up in this blog.

I gave Blue Rainstorm three chances, per the dates in the header.

Chance #1:  Lost Island.  He quits the group after only one wipe.  (In Lost Island, you may have cause after eight wipes.  Better, 12).

Chance #2:  Tython.  He quits the group before we even start.

Chance #3:  Rakata Prime.  He quits the group before we even start.

That's an /ignore.

Look ... if there are FPs you're afraid of, then I have two things for your consideration.

1.  Confront your fear!  Face the beast.  It's the only way you will overcome it.  If you don't, then it will always be your master.

2.  If you can't do #1, then stop queuing for that which terrifies you!  Stop inconveniencing three other players because you're too sorry to give it a shot.  Go into GroupFinder and filter out the  FPs that make you afraid.  What?  Oh, you want the "daily reward."  And if you filter the FP list, you don't get the reward right?

Too bad!  You can't have your cake and eat it too.  Either man up -- or filter.  You have no right -- not in any universe -- to shit upon three other people.

Healer's Log 20170507.  Athiss.

Let's end on a positive note.  The tank's name is Vio'k and she's good.  After we down the final boss:

Makes it all worthwhile.