The Worst Healer on the Server

This is my 20th blog post on the subject of healing, but recent events have shown me that I must reintroduce myself.  So...

Hello.  My name is Livius.  I'm the worst healer on The Progenitor.  It's a pleasure to meet you!

For you to fully digest this startling admission, you need some background...

Healer's Log 20170413.  Maelstrom Prison.

Zabrakcommander (ZC) is his name.  He's ... special.  How "special"?  He joins our FP group (Master mode, remember!) as a DPS, but he spends most of his time tossing heals.  When I challenge him on it, he responds that he is "both dps and healer".


Uhm ... OK ... in most Veteran FPs, you can get away with that kind of nonsense.  In Master, however, that's a recipe for disaster.  Attempts to explain this to Mr. ZC elicit a "wtf?" from him and he departs to Carrick Station, without having the decency to leave the group.  So we must kick.

I shake my head and sigh.  Where do they come from?  I consider an /ignore, but decide that mercy is a "virtue" and ZC deserves another chance.

Spoiler Alert:  my mistake.

To complete the background, we must consider one more event, which happend a little further back than the above...

Healer's Log 20170207.  Dread Palace, 8-man, Story.

I already wrote about this episode in " Something Rotten in the State of the Guild ".  For the full impact, I encourage you to check it out, if you haven't already.  But if you insist on the short version...

Dura Cell, a Sage Healer like me, member of the guild "Outlanders", is my fellow healer in this 8-man Operation.  Despite my inexperience of the Op, assurances from his guildmate that my inexperience won't be an issue and my best effort to learn it on the fly, Dura Cell, using the /ops channel, keeps up a steady stream of criticism about my (lack of) healing skill.  It culminates in my lecture to him, my departure from the Op and my indictment of his guild.

I have my share of people on the server who dislike me.  I accept this.  If you stand up for what you believe is right and refuse to suffer fools, it's unavoidable.  If you manage to win the respect of most people, then you've done alright in life.  But there will always be those who don't like you, for whatever reasons they may consider sufficient.

There may even be those -- hopefully few -- who downright hate you.

Now that you have the background, let me tell you the story...

Healer's Log 20170526.  Mandalorian Raiders.

Mr. ZC and I meet again.  He's still tossing heals.  I check his gear ... mostly healing gear, but this time, even a bit of tank gear!  After we defeat only the 3rd NPC group, he contacts me...

My response to him reflects my astonishment that I would get such a comment.  No one has died.  Nor have they gone below 50% health.

Attempting to get inside someone's head and divine what they're thinking is an inexact science at best, but I'll give it a shot ... I believe that ZC is convinced that the only reason the group is holding together is because he is healing and he feels compelled to do so because -- in his bizarrre view of the world --  I am not.  The absurdity of it already leaves me speechless, but it's compounded by the fact that we've only done three mob groups.

And then it gets better ... ZC initiates a vote-kick.  He doesn't write a reason.  I'm surprised, but not worried.  It's so early in the FP and there's no evidence that I've done wrong, so surely no one would be daft enough to vote yes on it.

But one should never understimate human stupidity, because the vote-kick passes(!)  In the capture below, Solya is the tank and Kael'er is the other DPS.

Kael'er says he hopes to meet me in another FP.  (Sorry, I cut the capture wrong).

Putting ZC's issues aside, we come to Solya, whose behavior seems rather strange.  Two things come to mind:  (1) how could she judge me a bad healer -- let alone "worst on the server" -- when we only did three NPC groups where no one suffered? and (2) who of sound mind would trust Zabrakcommander?!

I can't know the answers 100%, but I believe the only plausible explanation is that Solya has an alt who met me somewhere before.  Given her actions this day, that alt must have such a depth of hatred for me that she would seize this dubious opportunity to knock me down, despite the total absence of evidence as well as the siding with a comrade who has behavioral / credibility issues.

I believe there is only one person, in all my history on The Progenitor, who harbors that level of hate.  I believe Solya is Dura Cell.

My name is Livius.  I'm the "Worst Healer on the Server".  And I'm damned proud of it.

Healer's Log 20170528.

Two days later, I make a little adjustment to my guild "member note"...

My guildmates think it's hilarious.