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Last update:  26.10.2017

A Jedi will always seek the truth.

I will study the mysteries of the Force and act with calm and clarity.

I will expose the dark side's deceit to unite our allies.

And with The Force on our side, justice will prevail.

I'm currently inactive on SWTOR simply because of time -- there are so many good MMOs and so little time!

Why I played SWTOR, top three:

WoW fanbois won't like that 3rd one, of course.  They should remember that we all have our opinions.  For more on WoW, see my WoW page.

What "improvements"?  I'll hit just two:  no cross-server queues and no addons.

WoW made cross-server queues so PUGs pop faster; in this, they succeeded.  Side effect:  you run into more assholes because there's less accountability for one's actions.  In SWTOR, if you're the kind of player other players hate, you'll eventually land on enough /ignore-lists to negatively impact your ability to find matchups via GroupFinder.  Such WoW players faced a similar problem, until Blizzard made their LFG tool cross-server.  Suddenly, even the assholes had a large enough pool of PUGgers to draw on, thus ensuring a reasonable chance for them to find groups, no matter how many ignores they earned.  SWTOR has plenty of forum-whiners who've demanded cross-server queues since Day 1; I'm happy to note that BioWare has consistently rejected their argument.

Addons is even more important to me.  Question:  if WoW is such a wonderfully "complete" game, then why do I need so many addons?  Rationalized Answer:  it enhances the game!  My Real Answer:  it dumbs down an already dumbed down experience.

Name any aspect of "gameplay" and I promise you, there's a WoW Addon for it.  It seems WoW players can't do much of anything without their precious addons. Just one example:  would you believe there is actually a WoW PvP addon for "identifying healers"?  Two comments on that:  (1) healers have it hard enough and don't need to be any more miserable and (2) the average DPSer is already not blessed with high intellect, but most of them can still figure out who the enemy healer is, simply by exercising a minimal battlefield awareness.  Those unfortunate DPSers who fall short of the already low bar can just use this handy addon.  Lovely, eh?

If a game is "good", it stands on its own merits.  Addons are OK if they enhance -- they're not OK if you feel like you can't live without them.

To this day, SWTOR doesn't allow addons.  Thank you, BioWare!

I am Livius, Jedi Consular Sage on The Progenitor.




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