Garou Abilities


Last Update:  03 August 2006



This page describes our various abilities.  Conventions used:


"Arial 12" is from the appropriate GHELP file.


"Courier 10" is also from GHELP, but I need a proportional font to properly display it.


Italics show what you may expect to see when you use that ability.  (Actual may vary).


"Fixedsys" is an addendum, usually from a wizard who tweaked the ability or a pending BUG/TYPO/IDEA.



***************************** GAROU GUILD UPDATE ****************************


The new Garou guild code that has been in the works for nearly 5 months is now

in the game. Many of you know little about what is changing, others might know

a little but are lacking in details. This notice is here to clear that up.


First and foremost, please read 'ghelp'. It's completely new. Read all of it.

There are only 4 or so main parts to the new 'ghelp' and reading them will

explain nearly everything about the guild.


If something is unclear, ask a fellow Garou. If still unclear, ask James.


Secondly, be aware that you can adjust your masule/eurus using the

'adjustgarou' command. NOTE: YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO ADJUST 2 TIMES.


Lastly, please, please report via bug/idea or discuss directly with James

anything that seems unusual or broken. This transition should happen without

any real problems, but the possibility is still there nevertheless.


Enjoy the changes. I've tried my best to make the new things bring fun rather

than frustration to the guild.




LIVIUS:  The "two times adjust" James describes above applies only to a temporary period of time after his changes, to allow pups at the time to choose their path, because they couldn't do so before.  But it no longer works.  Today, the only way you can redistribute masule and eurus is by allocating it as you level.




                           Garou Guild


The Garou guild is both complex and rewarding. Garou experience Darkwind in a way that other players do not, and understanding what it truly means to be a Garou can be a challenge.


Those who are new to Gaea's pack should read through 'ghelp basics', 'ghelp dedication', and 'ghelp general'. Those documents will point out where to find further information if such is needed.


Lastly, always remember the new life that Gaea has given you and be proud of your dedication to her cause.




                         Garou Guild : Basics


        "Gaea is around us, in us, above us, below us. She

         keeps us sane, and she keeps us healthy. We came

         from Gaea, and when we die, we shall return. Hers

         is the unending cycle of life. She makes the wind

         cool and the sun warm. Nothing is beyond her, but

         us. Her body is the very elements. Our howls reflect

         her song. We, as the sentient life here on this planet,

         must defend her from ourselves. We cannot afford to

         destroy our cradle, no more than the bird can destroy

         his nest, or the baby its womb. This is our task then:

         to protect Gaea from the Evil and the Corrupt."

                                            -The Old Man


Garou are the defenders of Gaea, nature, and balance. For centuries Garou have protected the world from destruction, and for centuries more the hunt will continue. Along with Gaea's other followers, the Druids, Garou defend the earth and seek out those who destroy balance.


Gaea empowers her Druids by granting them direct control over the elements and beasts; her Garou, on the other hand, are directly infused with her Strength and Spirit.


As a Garou, you have the ability to shift between three distinct forms -- man, crinos, and wolf. Each form has its own strengths and weaknesses, so learning to utilize all forms equally is a key to success. In addition to physical forms, Garou are also able to dedicate themselves to a specific aspect of Gaea's nature. Check out 'ghelp dedication' for more information.


While in man form, a Garou is able to wield and wear traditional equipment. Keep in mind, however, that using equipment that Gaea shuns will result in total loss of all Garou abilities and powers. Information regarding such equipment restrictions can be found in 'ghelp equipment'. The man form is also the only form in which a Garou can communicate fully without restriction. Sociable Garou and Garou who enjoy spending time with non-Garou will choose this form often. This form is also the most adept at having access to Gaea's Spirit. A Garou who dedicates herself to the Spirit and becomes a Shaman will find man her most useful form.


The crinos form is a mix between both man and wolf. This is the form that non-Garou refer to as werewolves and wolfbeasts. In this form Garou are capable of wielding many types of weapons but are restricted to wearing only certain types of armor. Furthermore, weapons that restrict a Garou in man form are completely unwieldable in crinos. Once again, information regarding equipment restrictions can be found in 'ghelp equipment'. In relation to man, crinos is a stronger form with powerful natural attacks and defenses. Crinos are also able to communicate, however their speak is generally broken and heavy accented.


The wolf form is the dominant fighting form of the Garou. This form is most in tune with Gaea's Strength, and has access to extremely powerful natural attacks and defenses as well as the greatest number of combat abilities. Guardian and Warrior Garou excel in this form, while Shamans will find it less useful after achieving great mastery of the Spirit. This form can only carry a single item, in the mouth, and is completely unable of using any form of equipment. Furthermore, wolves are unable to communicate outside the world of Gaea and are also unable to purchase or sell items in shops and businesses.



"RE: Number of attacks" -James    Thu Feb 12 2004  02:23


For the most part, Garou swings are based on GL. Masule, DEX, etc have no real effect on such.


This isn't quite true for crinos, so take what I'm saying with regards to wolf-form.


[LIVIUS:  I removed James' original paragraph here that dealt with "switch"; see James' next note below].


Certain abilities, stances, etc also influence your swing count.


All in all, however, the key is GL. And due to the equation and the way integer division works, you may advance up to 5 GLs before you see any change in swings. The bottom line though is that by GL 15, you'll have the max Garou wolf-form swing count and your masule, dex, etc won't affect such in the least. Of course, your attacks themselves become more powerful, even if they remain equal in number.  



"November Update" -James    Sun Nov 21 2004 14:18<


The 'switch' command has been removed. Neither the bite-focus nor claw-focus swing mix were competitive with other guilds, esp. dual-wielding guilds. There's now a unified swing mix that should be better than both of the two old options.




                      Garou Guild : Dedication


As you might have heard from the old man already, Garou are able to choose between increasing their masule or their eurus with each level advance. Masule represents the level of Gaea's Strength that a Garou has obtained, while eurus represents the level of Gaea's Spirit obtained.


Masule comes from the elements of Chauf and Terre. It is the source of feral strength and determines ones fighting ability as a wolf. Eurus, on the other hand, is hard to explain. It is more than wisdom or knowlege. It is an inner awareness of one's own spirit. The power of Eurus comes from the elements of Bise and Seros.


The very nature of a Garou is founded upon her masule and eurus. Masule increases the offensive capabilities of a Garou in wolf and crinos form while also influencing natural defenses. Eurus also influences natural defenses, but more importantly aids a Garou's regenerative abilities and spiritual powers.


In addition, a Garou will be considered dedicated to one of three paths depending upon her masule and eurus. A Garou whose eurus is greater than twice her masule will be considered a Shaman, one who commands Gaea's Spirit. A Garou whose masule is greater than twice her eurus will be considered a Warrior, one filled with Gaea's Strength. Lastly, a Garou who is not considered a Shaman or a Warrior will be considered a Guardian, one both wise and strong.


Dedications are very important and you should choose one that best matches your desired playing style. Shamans make fairly weak wolves and crinos, possessing only moderate defenses and a poor offense. Shamans, however, have the highest regenerative ability and command very powerful spiritual powers. Warriors have very few spiritual abilities, but are very powerful wolves. Warriors have the highest offensive ability, with moderate defenses. Warriors also possess a large number of stances that allow them to fight differently depending upon the situation. Guardians have a large number of spiritual powers and yet still make great wolves. As a wolf or crinos, a Guardian sports a moderate offense and the strongest defenses.


See 'ghelp shaman', 'ghelp guardian', and 'ghelp warrior' for a list of abilities and stances.


JAMES:  Shaman don't receive any additional healing. Garou of any dedication with the same Eurus and GL will have the same healing. Shamans have the highest regenerative ability because they will always have the highest Eurus. A level 90 Guardian can't have more than 60 Eurus, else he will no longer be a Guardian. Likewise, a level 90 Warrior can't have more than 29 Eurus. The same can be said of offense. Warriors are the most offensive dedication simply because they have more masule. The only explicit bonus is the Guardian armor bonus.




                       Garou Guild Abilities ================================================================


Spiritual              PATH    GL    LEVEL   EURUS    SP   FORM

---------             ------  ----  ------- -------&nbssp; ---- ------

Intensify              SGW      1      -       -      15   MCW

Judge Alignment        SGW      2      -       1      10   MCW

Summon Wolves          SGW      3      -       1      35   MCW

Rejuvenate             S--      3      -       3      35   M--

Spirit Claws           SG-      4      -       -      25   MC-

Sanctify Corpse        SG-      5      -       1       2   MCW

Command Wind Spirits   SG-      6      -       2      20   M--

Transfer               S--      6      -       4      40   M--

Luna's Armor           SGW      7      -       3      35*  MCW

Mend                   S--      8      -       8      35   M--

Summon Fog             SGW      9      -       5      50   MCW

Empower                S--      9      -       8      45   M--

Create Charm Fetish    SGW     10      -       3      80   MCW

Tradeoff               S--     10      -      10      85   M--

Return                 SG-     11      -       5       -   MCW

Winter                 SG-     12      -      10     300   M--

Vision                 SG-     13      -       5      75   MC-

Earthbond              S--     15     45      35     235   M--

Gate                   S--     **     **      15     150   M--


[*  :  or 10 initially + 5 every 30 seconds for persistent luna]

[** :  Gate is only available to GL 15, level 25 pack shamans]


Physical               PATH    GL    LEVEL   EURUS    SP   FORM

--------              ------  ----  ------- -------&nbssp; ---- ------

Harry                  SGW      -      -       -       6   --W

Lunge                  SGW      -      -       -      10   --W

Leap                   SGW      -      -       -      25   --W

Burst                  SGW      -      -       -      20   -C-

Slam                   SGW      -     20       -      20   --W<

Rage                   SGW    7/10*   20       -      30   -CW


* GL7 for Warriors, GL10 for Guardians and Shamans.


Stance                 PATH    GL    LEVEL   EURUS    SP   FORM

------                ------  ----  ------- -------&nbssp; ---- ------

Normal                 SGW      -      -       -       -   --W

Defensive              -G-      2      -       -       -   --W

Offensive              --W      2    p;  -       -       -   --W

Berserker              --W     15    &nbssp; -       -      15   --W

Heroic                 --W     15     45&       -      20   --W

Legendary              --W     15     75       -      20   --W





Intensify increases a garou's natural vision. With an expanded vision, the garou can see things which they might not otherwise see.


Usable in form: Crinos and Wolf

Syntax: intensify      Cost: 15sp


Your eyes light up, and suddenly your ability to see increases tenfold!

Your vision suddenly gets a bit dimmer.





Judge compares another creature's alignment to your own. This can be useful to shamans wishing to keep their Eurus high, and therefore their alignment near neutral. It will show both the direction and the degree of the moral difference between you and your target, while completely ignoring ethics.


Usable in form: Man, Crinos, & Wolf

Syntax: judge <target>        Cost: 10 sp


You concentrate and judge the spirit of <mob> compared to yours.

His spirit is <darker/lighter> than yours.





Summon Wolves is used to summon assistance for combat situations. You will always summon a single wolf, but its strength will be increased as the garou gains experience. The wolves will remain with you regardless of form, and are immune to rage. Any experience gained from hits by the wolves is lost to you.


Usable in form: All

Syntax: summon wolf          Cost: 35 sp


You throw your head back and howl for a companion!

A large black wolf jumps out of nowhere to join you. It licks you in greeting.


Syntax: free wolf


You release your wolf.

You send your wolf away.  It trots off, happy to be free once more.





Rejuvenate provides a shaman the ability to heal her fellow brethren, Garou and Druids. This ability only works in a party, but will heal a small amount of HP of all Garou and Druid members of said party.


Usable in Form: Man                          Cost: 35 SP

Restricted to: Shaman

Syntax: rejuvenate


You beseech Gaea, requesting life for her followers.

Gaea grants <target> vitality.





Spirit claws are a potent weapon that can be called forth by shamans with enough skill. They will remain for a good amount of time, but are not usable in wolf form.


By default the claws are Medium.  If you want Large claws, try "claws large" or "claws blarge". If you would like Small claws, try "claws small" or "claws bsmall".  The "b" signifies blunt claws, and will cause you to wield the Spiritual Paw, instead of the Spiritual Claws.


Usable in form: Crinos and Man only

Restricted to: Shaman and Guardian

Syntax: claws              Cost: 25 sp


"November Update" -James    Sun Nov 21 2004 14:18<



Claw-attacks have been tweaked some. The strength of one's claws still grows considerably slower than the strength of one's teeth, however the maximum possible strength for claws has been increased.






By calling on the power of Sanctify, a shaman can return the spirit of a fallen foe to Gaia's embrace. Gaia will reward the shaman with spirit energy, which the shaman may keep or give to another in the same room. Garou in wolf form will receive extra energy from a

sanctified corpse due to their close connection with Gaia.


Usable in Form: All forms

Restricted to: Shaman and Guardian

Syntax: sanctify [into <target>]   Cost: 2 sp


You raise your arms and chant for Gaia's notice.

The corpse glows with an indigo light then disappears.

You channel the energy of the corpse into yourself.





The Wind spirits will assist a shaman learned enough to command their power. They will either blow loose objects out of a room, or distract an opponent, allowing the Garou to better combat him. A shaman cannot summon the wind spirits in the midst of combat.


Usable in Form: Man, Crinos & Wolf

Restricted to: Shaman and Guardian

Syntax: wind <target> or wind <direction>  Cost: 20 sp


You attune yourself to the wind spirits and call them in.

The wind circles through into a near tornado then fades away.


You attune yourself to the wind spirits and call them in.

The winds drive into <mob> battering them with their force.

The winds continue to push <mob> around.

With a final great roar, the winds cease to batter <mob>.


You attune yourself to the wind spirits and call them in.

The winds blow strongly to the <direction> continuing for only a few seconds.

A <object> blows out to the <direction>.

The winds continue with a shrieking roar then fades away.





Using Transfer, a skilled shaman can channel her energy through the will of nature and energize her fellow Garou, healing their SP. The Rite of Transfer, however, is slightly taxing and thus a small amount of spirit energy is lost during the transfer.


Usable in Form: Man                          Cost: 40 SP

Restricted to: Shaman               SP Transfered: 30 SP

Syntax: transfer <person>





(Update to GHELP pending).


James: Luna changed, ghelp update pending. You can now use luna in two ways. The old way, where you just type 'luna' and expend 35 SP for armor that lasts a specific amount determined by your eurus; and a new way, where you type 'luna on' and expend 10 SP initially, followed by 5 SP every 30 seconds. In the second form, luna persists aslong as you have the SP to maintain it. There is now also a 'luna off'.


Usable in Form: All

Syntax 1: luna                    Cost:  35 sp

Syntax 2: luna on               Cost: 10 sp + 5 sp every 30 seconds

Syntax 3: luna off


You focus your thoughts on the lambent moon reaching out to the Goddess Luna. Feeling her presence, you call out to the great moon goddess, asking for her guidance and protection.

A glowing field of moonlight surrounds your body.

You wear glowing field of moonlight.

Your lunar protection fades away.

You remove glowing field of moonlight.


If your moon is in phase, you’ll also see:

Luna whispers, "Your moon is in phase. Make me proud, my dear wolf."


Your inventory:

*Glowing field of moonlight (worn).


JAMES:  While I've yet to include this in ghelp, Shaman Luna is actually completely different than normal Luna. The protection Luna provides a shaman is much more specific and powerful.   Likewise, the power of Luna increases as a shaman advances, whereas normal Luna simply    increases in duration as one advances.





Gaea's gift known as mend allows a worthy shaman to request additional healing from the winds themselves. While under the effect of this additional healing, one's wounds will mend themselves at random during combat.


Usable in Form: Man                             Cost: 35 SP

Restricted to: Shaman

Syntax: mend/mend <person>


You beseech Gaea for increased healing and a warm wind suddenly blows across your body.

Some of your wounds are miraculously healed.

A cold wind blows across your body.


JAMES:  Don't bother trying to calculate the amount mend heals since it's not fixed.  Mend simply heals specific attacks you have received.  In other words, if someone hits you for 40 SP there is a chance you will heal 40 HP. If someone hits you for 20 HP there is a chance you'll heal 20 HP. Etc.





A shaman who wishes to cloak an area and cause confusion to her foes may summon forth a thick fog. This fog will make vision impossible in the room, and those leaving the room may find themselves somewhere unexpected.


Usable in Form: All

Syntax: fog                   Cost: 50 sp


You summon the spirits of air and water to form and bind.

From nowhere, dense fog appears to obscure your surroundings.


You are in a thick fog, but you can still make out your surroundings.





A learned shaman is capable of empowering her fellow Garou, increasing the duration of their wolf and crinos form attack maneuvers such as lunge and harry.


Usable in Form: Man                             Cost: 45 SP

Restricted to: Shaman

Syntax: empower <person>





An experienced shaman can create a charm fetish to aid and protect himself or one of his friends. The charm will last for a short duration, or until the owner breaks it or logs off. The charm types are listed below. A player may only have one charm fetish at a time. The recipient must be either another Garou, or a druid. This power is usable on the caster in all 3 forms, but may only be bestowed upon another when the shaman is in man form.


Bear - +6 str

Dragonfly - +6 dex

Moose - +6 con

Owl - +3 int and wis

Wolf - +4 dex, +2 str


Usable in Form: Man only on others, all forms when self-targeted

Syntax: create <type> for <target>     Cost: 80 sp


You produce the charm materials and focus on the needed spirits.

You summon a minor Talen spirit and command it into the charm.





One of the most powerful shaman abilities, Tradeoff allows a shaman to become one with the Spirit. While in this state, a shaman will randomly absorb enemy attacks during combat, sacrificing SP in place of HP damage.


Usable in Form: Man                             Cost: 85 SP

Restricted to: Shaman

Syntax: tradeoff


You become one with the Spirit.

You glow brightly and absorb <mob>’s attack!

You are no longer one with the Spirit.





Magical items are an affront to Gaia, as magic is an abomination and is unnatural. The shaman may return the power of a magic item to the earth mother, and receive her blessing in return. Only magical or exceptional items can be returned, and the reward is somewhat random.


Usable in Form: Man, Crinos, & Wolf

Syntax: return <target>          Cost: Free





The Ritual of Winter allows a shaman to ease the loss of dying. The ritual will attempt to preserve the dead character's old stats. The ritual must be begun on a ghost, and will bring the character back to life. If the character prays during the ritual, the effort will be wasted. As the shaman is tapping into the strength of Gaia, the more powerful the shaman, the better the chance of regaining stats will be. Leaders and Keepers are also better attuned to Gaia's Will then the normal pup, but Shamans have an even better ability.


Usable in Form: Man only

Syntax: winter <target>         Cost: 300 sp


You move to the ghost of Kedryn and begin the Ritual of Winter.

You take out a prepared Elan rod and begin to sing the Dirge of the Fallen.

You continue to sing and focus your energies to summon Fenris, the dark wolf.

You move the Elan rod of the form of Kedryn to open the channel.

You open the channel between Kedryn's spirit and old Fenris.

You break the rod and channel the power of Fenris into Kedryn.

The dark mist disappears.

Kedryn appears in a solid form.


JAMES:  The strength of Winter is currently determined soley by GL and rank. All GL 15 shamans will perform perfect Winters.  GL 15 Leaders have less chance and GL 15 Keepers even less.  A Shaman path Garou who is not also a pack shaman also has less chance.





The power to invoke a spiritual vision is only granted to the upper echelon of shamans, those who have proved their dedication to Gaia. The vision through the spirit world can be very confusing, but also very powerful. The shaman has three options for the focus of his vision. He may choose 'narrow' and see all items and rooms nearby. He may choose 'wide' and get general information on various players around the world. He may also choose a specific player, and get a vision of that player's location and some of her equipment.


Usable in Form: Man Only

Syntax: vision wide, vision narrow, or vision <target>

Cost: 75 sp


(What others in room see):

Livius sits down and closes his eyes.

Livius breathes deeply then sways slightly.

Livius continues to sway slightly.

Livius hums quietly while continuing a steady sway.

Livius becomes very still.

Livius slowly inhales deeply.

Livius becomes still once again.

Livius begins to stir, then awakens.





A shaman who has obtained the title of Hero is able to perform the Ceremony of Earthbonding. Summoning the powers of both Gaea and Luna, such a shaman is capable of enchanting metallic weapons and armor purifying the metallic components and restoring the item's harmony with nature. Such items, formerly restricted from use by Garou due to the metallic impurity, will then by usable by Garou.


[NOTE: Earthbond can't make unusable armor types usable by Garou.  For example, Garou can't wear platemail (Earthbond'ed or not).  Garou can, however, use Earthbond'ed chainmail.]


Usable in Form: Man                             Cost: 235 SP

Restricted to: Shaman

Syntax: earthbond <item>





Gate is Luna's gift to those Garou who choose to form a pack and fight against the unnatural together. The power to gate is granted to experienced Pack Shamans. Using this ability, a Pack Shaman is able to call forth a moongate that can teleport all members of her pack to her.


Usable in Form: Man                             Cost: 150 SP

Restricted to:  Pack Shaman

Required level: 25

Required GL:    15

Syntax:         gate pack


You begin the opening of the Moon Gate.

You once again focus your energies to reach to the Incarnae of Phoebe.

After only a few seconds, the link is formed and the bridge begins to form.

A brilliant arch of moonlight forms in the air and expands out beyond sight.





Harry was intended to be a power to distract and confuse a foe, allowing others to kill it more easily. It does little damage, but allows others to inflict damage more effectively. This is a great power to use in a party or a hunting pack.


Usable in Form: Wolf

Syntax: harry         Cost: 6 sp





Lunge is the basic attack power of the wolf form. When lunging, the wolf has the potential to do more damage than normal for a short time. However, this comes at the price of a penalty to dodge incoming blows.


Usable in Form: Wolf

Syntax: lunge [<target>]     Cost: 10 sp





Leap allows a Garou to jump onto a surprised opponent and get a free attack. It must either be used from an adjacent room, or by a blended wolf. Success is not guaranteed.


Usable in Form: Wolf

Syntax: leap at <target> or leap <dir> at <target>

Cost: 25 sps





Burst is the basic attack power of the crinos form. When in a burst, the crinos form has the potential to do more damage than normal for a short time. However, this comes at the price of a penalty to dodge incoming blows.


Usable in Form: Crinos

Syntax: burst [<target>]     Cost: 20 sp





Slam strikes a foe with an incredibly powerful blow, sending the enemy flying into the next room. The blow is not intended to cause massive damage so much as pushing the enemy back, thus it causes minimal damage. Some monsters cannot be slammed.

Syntax: slam <target> Cost: 20 sp





Rage is one of the most potent combat abilities possessed by the Garou. Building up her inner anger, a Garou howls terribly at her foes, inspiring great fear in them and preventing them from taking action. It affects all monsters in the room with the Garou, and any players within pk range. Time of paralyzation is variable.


Usable in Form: Crinos and Wolf

Syntax: rage                       Cost: 30 sp

Level Required: 20

GL Required:      7 (Warrior)

                           10 (Guardian/Shaman)




                         Garou Guild : Stance


Stances are essentially combat forms that alter the way in which a Garou does battle in wolf form. A stance, for example, may increase the offensive nature of a wolf's attacks, while subsequently lowering his defensive ability. Some stances can be toggled on and off at will, while others last for only a set duration. The effectiveness of all stances except for the heroic stance and legendary stance can be increased by fighting while in a party, and even more so if fighting in a party consisting solely of fellow pack members. This is something all wolves should keep in mind when going out to hunt. Even the normal stance is affected by partying.


For a list of stances check out the ability list for each of the dedication forms -- 'ghelp shaman', 'ghelp guardian', 'ghelp warrior'.


For more information on a given stance check out 'ghelp <stance>'.





The normal stance is the default stance a Garou is in when not using any more specialized stances. In this stance, a Garou fights normally not increasing or decreasing any particular aspect of his attacking style.


Usable in Form: Wolf

Syntax: stance normal





The defensive stance is known only by those Garou who are both wise and strong. This stance has no set duration and is completely free of cost and timers. The defensive stance provides an increase in dodging and absorbing enemy attacks while lower ones offensive capabilities in the process.


Usable in Form: Wolf

Restricted to: Guardian

Syntax: stance defensive





The offensive stance is known only by those Garou who have embraced Gaea's Strength above all else. This stance has no set duration and is completely free of cost and timers. The offensive stance provides an increase in hitting and damaging ones enemies while lower ones own defense in the process.


Usable in Form: Wolf

Restricted to: Warrior

Syntax: stance offensive





The berserker stance is Gaea's gift to her warriors that completely master the usage of her Strength. In the berserker stance, one is capable of inflicting a great number of hits against an enemy, although each of these hits is weaker than ones normal attacks.

Since the berserker stance is an all-out offensive strike, ones ability to dodge incoming attacks is greatly reduced during its usage.


Usable in Form: Wolf                         Cost: 15 SP

Restricted to: Warrior                       Duration: Limited

Syntax: stance berserker



"November Update" -James    Sun Nov 21 2004 14:18<


I've changed berserker stance some. It was never meant to be a flurry or timeshift, but it was also not meant to be completely useless. Overall, the stance has been improved.





The heroic stance is usable only by great Garou warriors who have claimed the title of Hero. This stance represents the skill obtained through countless battles and struggles along the path to becoming a great Garou Hero. This stance increases both ones offensive abilities as well as ones defensive abilities. Even a great Hero, however, can only maintain this stance for a short period of time, and must recover before he can use it again.


Usable in Form: Wolf                           Cost: 20 SP

Restricted to: Warrior                         Duration: Limited

Syntax: stance heroic


This power is only available to Garou of level 45 or greater.





The legendary stance is Gaea's gift to her beloved Legendary Warriors. In this stance, a Garou's entire body is filled with Gaea's Strength and the full power of his inner ability is released.


Usable in Form: Wolf                         Cost: 20 SP

Restricted to: Warrior                       Duration: Limited

Syntax: stance legendary


This power is only available to Legendary Garou.




                   Garou Guild : General Commands


In addition to the combat abilities and spiritual powers listed in 'ghelp shaman', 'ghelp guardian', and 'ghelp warrior', all Garou have access to the following commands regardless of dedication.


[Usable in all forms]

gsc         - Display your stats and other information

balance     - Display your spiritual state

ws          - Communicate with other Garou

pt          - Communicate with your fellow pack members

transform   - Shift between physical forms

consider    - Size up an opponent

wsmell      - Sniff around for nearby opponents

sense       - Sense who or what a person or wolf really is

scent       - Find a particular foe, or path to guildhall

remember    - Display the locations of your buried items

forget      - Forget about your buried items

wolflong    - Set your wolf long description

crinoslong  - Set your crinos long description

gupdatehist - Display a list recent guild updates

ghist       - Display a list of recent Wolfsong messages

howl        - Communicate with a great howl



[Usable only in man]

rite        - Perform various garou rites



[Usable in wolf/crinos]

chase       - Toggle off/on chasing of foes

eat         - Eat a corpse to restore health

quickeat    - Eat an entire corpse in one bite

dig         - Dig up loot you have already buried

bury        - Bury an item in the ground


[Usable only in wolf]

carry       - Pickup an item in your mouth

spit        - Spit out an item that you are carrying

blend       - Blend into the scenery hiding from foes

emergency   - Send out an emergency message to all Immortals





This command will list all important attributes for your character, including most of those listed in score. It will also list guild attributes such as your pack, rank, auspice, Masule, Eurus, and form.


Syntax: gsc





Balance shows your the current state of your spirit nature. It lists your current spiritual level(guild level), your auspice, your current levels of Masule and Eurus, and the state of your alignment. If your alignment remains pure neutral, you will receive additional Eurus. As it drifts far from neutral, you will be penalized Eurus.


Syntax: balance





The wolfsong links the Garou together, allowing leaders to communicate with new wolves, and those who wish to socialize to do so rather than fight. You should not attempt to communicate with a wizard through this channel if it is an important matter, rather use tell, or emergency if in wolf form.


Syntax: ws <message>, ews <message>





(“No information for such a topic.”  This is my own…)

“Gaea” links the Garou and the Druids together, allowing both guilds to communicate with each other, and those who wish to socialize to do so rather than fight. The channel is usable in all forms freely.  You should not attempt to communicate with a wizard through this channel if it is an important matter, rather use tell, or emergency if in wolf form.


Syntax: gaea <message>





Pack talk sends a message to all members of your pack currently on Darkwind. It is essentially the same as talking on a channel that only your pack can see.


Usable in forms: All

Syntax: pt <message>         Cost: Free





Transform is one of the most important commands for a Garou, as it allows you to shift between the physically powerful wolf, the hulking crinos, and the spiritual man. The cost in spiritual energy is quite high for most transformations, save for when your auspice is matched by the moons of the night sky. See the help files on each form for more information on their powers.


Syntax: transform <form>    Cost: Variable





Consider can be used to get a general idea of the strength of a possible opponent relative to your power. Generally, you should try and fight opponents who are equal in power to you or slightly stronger. Note that consider does not take into account any spiritual powers or party help you may use, nor does it weigh the spells or special attacks of the target.  Thus, discretion is advised when using this power.


Syntax: consider <target>          Cost: 5 sp





(“No information for such a topic.”  This is from the old ghelp file…)

Wsmell allows you to tell whether there are possible foes in an adjacent room.  Cubs will only be able to sense the presence or absence of living creatures, while those Garou that have achieved level 15 can discover names of the creatures in that room.  In man or crinos form the scent command is an alias for this command.





Sense allows you to detect the real player name of a particular player, which may be different from the name that is displayed. As this power cannot affect invisible people, it is only really useful to tell who a particular Garou in crinos or wolf form is.


Syntax: sense <target>      Cost: 10 sp

Only Garou level 10 and over may use this power.





Scent allows you to determine the direction you need to travel to reach a particular foe. The range is short, so you must be near the target for it to be of any use. You must also know the name of the foe you are seeking. You cannot simply find the nearest enemy. The range increases slightly with higher levels.


You can also 'scent guild' to find a path back to the Darkwind guild hall. The range is quite long when seeking out the guild hall, regardless of level. This form of scent can only be used while in the Darkwind mainland.


Syntax: scent <target>      Cost: 15 sp





Use remember when you wish to know the locations of the items you have currently buried. It will display a short description of the item and its location. You must go to the location to dig up the item. You can only remember 15 items at a time. To clear the list of items you have remembered, use forget.


Syntax: remember





Forget will clear your list of buried items, and allow you to bury 15 new items. There is no way to forget some items and remember others. All items you had previously buried will be irretrievable.


Syntax: forget





Wolflong allows you to set the long description of your wolf form. This is what players see when they 'look' at you. Please make custom descriptions consistent with the wolf form. Inappropriate descriptions will be removed.


Syntax: wolflong <description>





Crinoslong allows you to change the long description of your crinos form. This is what the players will see when they 'look' at you. Please keep descriptions consistent with the crinos form. Inappropriate descriptions will be removed.


Syntax: crinoslong <description>





This provides a recent history of important messages from the garou wizard.





Howl allows the wolf to communicate particular emotions to other players around Darkwind. This is the primary means of ommunication in wolf form. It is also possible to howl to all Garou, by leaving off the intended target. Current howls include:


Appreciation   Anger          Agreement      Admiration

Bloodlust      Beckoning      Confusion      Danger

Distress       Disagreement   Farewell       Fear

Fondness       Fatigue        Frustration    Greed

Greetings      Happiness      Home           Hunger

Hatred         Joy            Lust           Loneliness

Loathing       Laaggg         Laughter       Moonlust

Patience       Passion        Pain           Revenge

Reluctance     Suspicion      Sorrow         Sickness

Success        Sadness        Surprise       Suffering

Sympathy       Triumph        Understanding  Vote!

Warning        Weakness      


Syntax: howl <type> [to <target>]      Cost: 20 sp





rite <type> <recipient>


You know the following rites:

  Respect - show formal respect to a fellow garou or honored ally.

  Scorn - show disrespect and ridicule towards offender of Gaia.

  Departed - honor fallen comrade or sacred opponent.

  Challenge - offer blood challenge to an opponent.



You drop to one knee and stare into the eyes of <person>.

You raise your arm, slowly form a fist, then bow your head before <person>.



You glare at <person>, clear your throat and pass your hand across your eyes.

You turn away from <person> and kick back some dirt.



This rite is only performed over a corpse.


You kneel beside the corpse and center your spirit.

You then touch the departing spirit's last link and breathe a final farewell



You curl your hands into fists and bring them together across the front of your chest.

You bite hard on your tongue and spit at <person>, splattering them with blood.

Crimson blood drips from your mouth as you roar your challenge into the air!





Chase is a toggle that indicates whether you wish to pursue your prey should he leave the

room. The prey may move in a way you cannot handle, such as through magical teleportation, and you will be unable to follow. Otherwise, when he flees, and you pursue him, you will be able to track his scent.


Syntax: chase





A Garou in crinos or wolf form can eat the bodies of her fallen foes, regaining both physical and spiritual energy from the flow of life. The size of the corpse determines how much energy can be regained.


Syntax: eat corpse





This is the same as “eat”, but allows a garou in crinos or wolf to consume the entire corpse in one bite.


Syntax:  quickeat corpse





Dig allows you to retrieve an item you buried earlier. You must, of course, be in the same room you buried them in. Buried items do not carry over between reboots, and you may have a maximum of 15 items buried at one time. If you can't recall where you buried your loot, use the remember command.


Syntax: dig





Bury allows you to hide an item under the ground for later use (or later sale). Only you can retrieve the buried item, by using the dig command. The maximum number of items you can have buried at any one time is 15. After that, you must use the forget command, or dig up a few items before you can bury any more. Items will carry over between logins, but not between reboots. You cannot bury items inside buildings.


Syntax: bury <target>              Cost: 5 sp





Carry allows a wolf to carry one item in his mouth. The wolf will be unable to engage in combat while holding an item in his mouth. Use spit to spit out the item so you can transform or fight. Coins are an exception. You can carry as many coins as you want, regardless of form, and will not be penalized even the inventory listing says you have a pile of coins in your mouth.


Syntax: carry <target>





Allows a wolf to drop the item it is carrying in its mouth.


Syntax:  spit





A wolf has incredible powers of camouflage. Using blend, he may become invisible to normal perceptions, although certain spells and all immortals can detect his presence. Many commands will reveal a hidden wolf, so take care or you could find your cover blown. Blending is a good first step to surprise an opponent, and is often used in conjunction with leap.(See <ghelp leap>). This is also usable in man form, although it is not as effective.


Syntax: blend          Cost: 10 sp / 20 sp in man form





The Garou in wolf form is unable to use tells or shouts, and thus could have a situation where they will be unable to contact a wizard for assistance. The emergency command will send a message to all wizards currently on Darkwind.  Please do not use it for casual conversation, and be aware that all use of this command is logged.


Syntax: emergency <msg>




                   Garou Guild : Pack Commands



adopt   -- Allow a packless Garou into your pack (Leader/Keeper)

appoint -- Appoint a pack Keeper or Shaman (Leader)

drive   -- Drive out an unwanted pack member (Leader/Keeper)

lone    -- Leave your pack to become a lone wolf.

pack on –- See your pack members and their on/off-line status

pt      -- Communicate with your fellow pack members





If you seek to join a pack, you should seek out a pack leader or keeper and try to convince them to adopt you.  Adoption can only be performed by a leader or keeper, and adds a lone wolf to the ranks of the pack.  Some effort should be made to ensure that the new member's philosophy fits with the philosophy of the leader.


Syntax: adopt <target>





As well as the pack leader, there can be a pack keeper and a pack shaman.  These two posts are chosen by the pack leader, and should be given to wolves of suitable level and rank within the pack.  The leader uses the appoint command to select his two officers.


Syntax: appoint <target>


JAMES:  I'm going to be changing pack ranking code to only allow Shaman-path Garou to be Pack Shamans. This should have been in since the new code went in, but was an oversight on my part. This will also be in later today, and I'll deal with any Pack Shamans of other devotions on a case by case basis (ie. resetting rank/etc).





Sometimes a Garou can turn away from her true course, or she may have become a spy for a rival pack or guild.  In this case a pack leader or keeper may use drive to remove the offending Garou from the pack.  This is a sign of scorn and is usually accompanied by the Rite of Scorn.  It is considered wise in borderline cases to merely ask the Garou to leave on her own.


Syntax: drive <target>





A Garou may grow distant from his pack, or simply feel that it is time to move on.  In this case he may wish to become a lone wolf once again, abandoning his former pack mates.  The lone command can be used to return to lone wolf status.  This is not considered an insult to the pack unless it is accompanied by a Rite of Scorn to pack members.


Syntax: lone CONFIRM  (case sensitive!)