The large tome's page is weathered, and torn around the edges.  You are obviously not the first person to have stumbled onto it.  A charcoal drawing of a dark-haired, dark-eyed woman leaning against a tree fills the upper portion of the paper.  Below the woman are two wolves, both sitting stock-still.  Their eyes almost appear to stare right out of the paper.  Underneath the picture, in bold letters, reads: 


 Underneath the title, the paper begins in earnest.  It reads:

 So, you heard about us, eh?  The Garou, werewolves, servants of Gaea:  this we are called.  Humans fear us, for we have the power to terrorize them, and in the past, we have done just that.  Perhaps we deserve their loathing, for we have often overstepped our bounds in maintaining the balance of Gaea.  Some within our ranks still feel we have not gone far enough.  This is, however, a minority view.  The balance of Gaea is all.  We cannot complete our duties if we are feared by all, yet we must maintain balance at all costs, even our own destruction if needs be.  This is who we are.

You have read this far.  Perhaps you will read further.  If so, mayhap you will find a glimmer of the Wolf in you.  If you join us, you will enter a world unlike that you presently experience.  You will assume the two-sided nature that consumes all of us.  Man and Wolf reside in every Garou, each beckoning and tearing us.  It gives us great power in all things physical, and broadens our spiritual awareness; but it gives us terrible responsibility.  The unnatural is our foe, and we must fight to destroy it.  The Kindred, evil spirits who should be dead, decay amidst those we strive to protect.  They are our worst enemies.  Representations of all that is evil, and all that is chaos: that is what the Kindred are, and what we must destroy.  Gaea has not made us defenseless in our struggle.  To aid us, Gaea has given us a fast healing rate.  Regardless of what form we are in, we heal our bodies at rates unbelievably faster than ordinary mortals.  We cannot consume alcohol.  It is only a tool of the force behind the chaos which tries to destroy the balance Gaea created.  As humans, our will-power restored itself much as our bodies do.  However, as wolves, we must eat the freshly dead to restore our spirit.  But Gaea also sees fit to give us a surge of healing when we eat, so that we can continue our quest to protect the balance.

At the bottom of the page, someone has hand-scribbled a note.  It reads:  Come visit an old man, and keep him company.  I will gladly answer any questions you ask, if I can.  To those who would find me, I am not far from this thriving metropolis.  Leave the town by its western exit, and follow the river road south until you enter the safety of the forest.  Then look for a clearing to the west along the northmost path.  I will be there waiting.