The Darkwind Calendar



Darkwind’s calendar is based on a 300 day year.


Each Day is approximately 20 hours, and 1-week is a ten-day long.


There are 3 ten-days in a month (or 30 days), and 10 months in a year.


There are three moons that orbit high above Geshtei, all of which are distinctly differentiable because of their colors.  The largest is Dailos, also known as the Magenta moon.  The next largest is Markas, the Red moon, and the smallest,Tekal, is called the Green moon.


The names of the days of the week and months of the year are as follows:





Short Name              Full Name


Godsday                  Day of the Gods

Moonday                  Day of the Placid Moon

Seasday                  Day of the Open seas

Windsday                 Day of the Whispering Winds

Treesday                 Day of the Towering Trees

Hearthday                Day of the Hearth Fire

Starday                  Day of the Blinking stars

Sunday                   Day of the Living Sun

Peaksday                 Day of the Soaring Peaks

Marketday                Day of the Golden Harvest





Month            Nickname


Hammer          Deepwinter

Alturiak        The Claws of Winter

Ches            The Claws of Storms

Tarsakh         The Melting

Mirtul          The Time of Flowers

Kythorn         Summertide

Flamerule       Highsun

Marpenoth       Leafall

Uktar           The Rotting

Nighal          The Dawning Down


The commands 'time' and 'date' will show you the current time and date here on Darkwind.  The year is calculated from the time Darkwind first opened.