Carrying Capacity of Various Items and Animals

Last update:  15 June 2005


I base the list below on my own observation and the observations of those kind enough to send me data.  If you have some data for this page, please do send me an email or talk to me on Darkwind.  Thanks!


Item/Animal               Cost (a)   Capacity (b)   Cost/Item (c)   Cost to Corral/Stable
-----------        p;      ---------   ------------   --------------   ---------------------
handbag                      40           0 (d)          ---         &        ---
small web sack               60           6             10.0                 ---
large sack                  300           8             37.5                 ---
burlap sack                  10          10              1.0                 ---
Small bag                    60          10              6.0                 ---
strange bag               1,000          11             90.9                 ---
Spelunker's Backpack        600          40             15.0                 ---

Garou Cube (e)              ---          40              ---         &        ---
5k Pony (f)               5,000          66             75.8                 500
10k Camel (f)            10,000          80            125.0                 500
Mastadon                   ---          ; 94              ---         &        ---
Gekko / Teapot (g)       10,100          94            107.5                 ---
Gekko / Teapot           16,500          94            175.5                 ---
Gekko / Teapot           22,000          94            234.0                 ---
Newbie Tome (h)          35,000          94            372.3                 ---



(a) The "Cost" is either the cost of the item/animal from Taylor, Market, or the appropriate shop. Naturally you can minimize your costs by finding an item, taking it from a mob or via transfer from another player.  Since the "Market" system has come in, we no longer buy items from shops, so some of the prices are still from "shop times".  What you pay for them on Market is, of course, subject to the judgement (or "greed") of the selling player.

(b) I base the "Capacity" field on the number of snakeskins (found in the Jungle of Kerei) you may store in the item or animal. Theoretically, you could use anything to measure capacity, but I use the skins because they are small enough to provide the granularity we need here.

(c) To determine "Cost/Item", I divide the "Cost" by the "Capacity" so that we get a relative idea of the how much it costs us to carry each item in that pack or animal. The lower the number in this column, the better relative value we get per item we carry in that pack or animal.

(d) The "handbag" holds only cash, not items.

(e) As the "Garou" term suggests, this is only relevant to the best guild on the Mud.  ;-)

(f) For ponies and camels, I think it's functional to only consider the "max" animal you can buy -- the 5,000-coin Pony and 10,000-coin Camel.

(g) The Enchanted Teapot and the Quick and Cute Gekko are special "pack animals" that a wizard gives out or puts on Market and I've based the price on exactly that, including tax.  The three prices shown above are the three different prices I've observed over time.  According to James, there will be a Gekko Shoppe as part of the New Economy, but the gekkos sold there will not be able to hold as much as the current gekko.

(h) This is not the classical Newbie Tome.  :-)   It's the "animated and annoying newbie tome" that a wizard gives out.  It's not only a pack animal -- it also takes random hits for you during combat!  Very spammy little bugger, though.  I base the price on the "market" rate I've observed.