Garou Titles

"Garou Titles" -James Fri Jan 14 2005 14:18

Alright, I told a few of you that I'd post this awhile back.  So, here it is -- information regarding Garou title adjectives.

You have two adjectives in your title, and they are based on your stats.

The basic idea is simple.  Look at your top three stats.  If your top two stats are equal, then your first adjective is based on both of them, and your second is based on your third highest.  If the top two are not equal, but the second and third are, then the first adjective is based on the first, and the second is based off the second and third. If none of them are equal, then the first adjective is based off the first, and the second is based off the second.

Here's the lovely table. You'll need to figure out the tiers on your own, if interested.

          Tier 1       Tier 2            Tier 3         Tier 4

STR       strong       extremely strong  mighty         mighty
CON       healthy      fit               hardy          vital
WIS       sensible     reasonable        wise           sage
INT       witty        bright            intelligent    brilliant
DEX       quick        very quick        nimble         mercurial
CHR       charming     alluring          influential    lovable
STR|CON   vigorous     potent            energetic      energetic
STR|WIS   stubborn     determined        strong-willed  tenacious
STR|INT   faithful     loyal             devoted        diligent
STR|DEX   handy        skillful          deft           adept
STR|CHR   bold         brave             courageous     heroic
CON|WIS   stubborn     determined        strong-willed  tenacious
CON|INT   resourceful  cunning           capable        versatile
CON|DEX   handy        skillful          deft           adept
CON|CHR   attractive   irresistible      sexy           ravishing
WIS|INT   prudent      shrewd            considerate    understanding
WIS|DEX   handy        skillful          deft           adept
WIS|CHR   sparkling    subtle            shrewd         sage
INT|DEX   quick        keen              nimble         clever
INT|CHR   charming     persuasive        influential    enchanting
DEX|CHR   charming     persuasive        influential    enchanting