Player-owned Ships on Darkwind



Last Update: 11 FEB 2005



Here is a table I made to compare the various characteristics:





Cog              120k     2      6      1     0      0       0

Lateen Galley    180k     2     10      4     0      0       0

Elven Catamaran  200k     2     10      2     1      0       0

Carrack          400k     3     17      6     1      2       1



So what’s the best ship?  Well, if you analyze the above table mathematically, then it’s the Lateen Galley, hands-down.  Don’t believe me?  Consider:


  • The Galley costs 50% more than the Cog, but you get 67% more total rooms, and a whopping 300% more cargo space.


  • The Galley has the same number of rooms as the Elven Catamaran and costs less.  HOWEVER:  I have it on Pretty Good Authority that the Catamaran’s rooms hold more stuff.  I have no further data on that.


  • The Carrack costs 222% more than the Galley, but what do you get for this extra expense?  70% more total rooms and 50% more cargo space.  (OK, 100% more “cargo” if you add the two “guest” rooms).  Hardly a “value”, is it?  Well, two of those extra rooms are “guest”, but since there’s no “ferry system” coded/active, this means nothing.  Ditto the “weapons” room.


So if you’re in the market for a ship, I have the following free advice:


    1. If you’ve managed to save up 120,000 coins – wait.  Save up 60,000 more and get a Galley.  Yes, I know you’ve waited so long already and you just can’t wait any more – but be patient.  You’ll be glad!


    1. The Catamaran MIGHT be a good value – the question is:  how much “total stuff” can it hold compared to the Galley?  Would be an interesting experiment!  If you do it, please let me know the results.


    1. Don’t buy a Carrack.  The extra space just isn’t worth the extra 220,000 coins.  Perhaps it will be if “ship combat” is ever active – but certainly not right now.



Below are deck plans for each ship.




          Deck Plans for the Cog


  Main Deck               Lower Deck


 Forecastle                  Crew

     |                         |

     |                         |

   Deck*                    Hallway*

     | \                       |

     |  1                      |

  Bridge                   Cargo Bay


 1: Captain's Cabin

 *: Deck and Hallway connect



     Deck Plans for the Lateen Galley


  Main Deck             Lower Deck


   Prow                    Crew

     |                       |

  Foredeck                C--|--C 

     |                    |  |  |

  Aftdeck*                C--*--C

     |                       |

   Bridge              Captain's Cabin


 C: Cargo room

 *: Ladder between decks



 Deck Plans for the Elven Catamaran


  Main Deck             Lower Deck


  Foredeck            Captains Cabin

     |                       |

  Maindeck*                Cargo* 

     |                Crew|  |  |Mess

  Aftdeck (T)              Cargo



 (T) : Tower - Bridge

 *   : Ladder between decks



                    Deck Plans for the Carrack


 Main Deck                 Cabin Deck               Cargo Deck


*    1    4                   Crew                        %

 \   |   /                  -------                    C--C

  Foredeck                  *  |  %                    |  |

     |                         |                       C--C

  Aftdeck                Guest-|-Guest                 |  |

 /   |   \                     |                       C--C

3    2    *                 %  |  *                    %

     |                      -------

   Bridge                     Mess


1: Forecastle             

2: Sterncastle            

3: Captain's Cabin

4: Weapons Room

*: Stairway between Main deck and Cabin deck

%: Stairway between Cabin deck and Cargo deck




There is a lot of material available in the online help for ships, but much of it is irrelevant because “ship combat” and “ship supplies” is not coded (or perhaps coded, but not active.  And that’s a real shame, because it looks interesting!  Some day, perhaps).  So below, I try to show only the essential, active things.


At any location on the ship, type ORDERS to see what orders you can give there.  Below are the various locations and the orders available there.  (Only showing active orders).





disembark  - leave the ship while in a port

peer       - look overboard and see what's around





Peer       - look overboard and see what's around



Entrance to the Captain’s Cabin


lock       -  lock the cabin so that only certain people may entter.

              You must 'lock captain' or 'lock admiral' to set the

              appropriate level.

unlock     -  remove the lock on the cabin.



Captain’s Cabin


em            - anyone can emote in this room using em <text>>

rename        - by using rename <text>, the ship's owner can changge the

                description of the room.





Demote         - Demotes a captain to a passenger

Dock           - Orders the crew to dock the ship.

Forbid         - Repeals a passenger's boarding privileges.

Furl           - Orders the crew to pull down the sails.

Hoist          - Orders the crew to raise the sails.

List           - Gives you a current list of the ship's passengers

                 or captains.

Peer           - To look overboard and see what's around.

Permit         - Grants a player permission to board your ship>

Promote        - Promotes a passenger to captain

Push           - Orders the crew to pull away from the dock.

Sail <dir>     - To move the ship.

Yell           - Yells a message to the area outside your ship>




Players and their Ships


The following list (alphabetical according to ship name) is a work-in-progress as I attempt to catalogue ships and owners.  If you know any I’m missing, please email me or tell me on Darkwind.  Thanks!



Alcarondas                                        Quail

Amethystine                                      Phoena

Aq                                                       Aquience

Arachniphobia                                  Arachnid

Arath                                                   Fotze

Aruba                                                 Marak

Astoreth                                             Belphegor

Atiyah                                                 Milnor

Aurum                                                Osric

Axadetheus                                       Trivlian

Babygirl                                             Lynx

Bardboat                                            Carlos

Beastgal                                            Pyk

Blank                                                  Garren

Bluesummers                                   Shinji

Boblovesgertie                                 Galadrial

Bomberman                                      Atomic

Bootje                                                 Aoife

Bunchofstickstiedtogether              Slash

Champ                                               Chap

Chronopolis                                      Anterius

Coffeeshop                                        Radjin

Crusader                                            Mijk

Darkard                                              Cephiros

Darkmemory                                     Canis

Debootvansinterklaas                     Arakasi

Devotion                                            Takashi


Eben                                                   Shade

Ebony                                                 Lost

Elmo                                                   Talorien

Enno                                                   Phantom

Ereptor                                               Colin

Escaflowne                                        Chalice

Euphoria                                            Chardonnay

Excalibur                                           Torr

Giantic                                                Spawn

Gracefull                                            Boer

Grieder                                               Merwin

Guenhwyvar                                      Drimis

Halflife                                                Luther

Heinderein                                        Hendri

Hellfire                                               Kendoki

Holycrusader                                    Theholywar

Interceptor                                         Tucky

Intihuatana                                        Dronkit

Invincible                                           Greybeard

Jenny                                                 Rkane

Jomer                                                 Klaughihin

Kado                                                   Mabel

Kalakala                                            Redbear

Kanestio                                            Plum

Keeta                                                  Valdesta

Knijn                                                   Togisho

Kristiwolf                                             Livius

Kyokushin                                         Dawn

Kyoudan                                            Kyoujin

Lillypad                                              Frog

Lorilei                                                 Silvus

Mahestic                                            Loan

Marie                                                  Princess

Mightymijk                                         Cream

Minerva                                              Zandra

Mischief                                             Psycho

Mitrashope                                        Apoplexy

Moonshiner                                       Saloman

Morningstar                                       Sephira

Nicole                                                 Effrey

Nightcrawler                                      Cawhones

Noname                                             Dink

Pansymaster                                     Falx

Peregrine                                           Allie

Pinkbits                                              Gorilla

Ragnarok                                           Fenris

Ransack                                            Silwen

Rocinante                                          Redemptor

Rubberducky                                    Robzor

Rumor                                                Galis

Samkara                                            Merrr

Scowerer                                            Buckthorn

Seaeagle                                           Prozach

Secondkanestio                               Arturo

Seydlitz                                              Rommel

Shenfeng                                           Vampiel

Shipwreck                                          Keishin

Shiruken                                            Eos

Sioned                                               Aiken

Silverfang                                          Grok

Smoker                                              Kentasio

Spacequest                                       Wilco

Spink                                                  Blik

Starlancer                                          Andrakis

Stealth                                                Duo

Tabkeandra                                       Mystikflame

Themanor                                          Cena

Thinner                                              Riddle

Thunder                                             Voodoo

Twin                                                    Aphex

Valerosa                                            Lorus

Viaexpress                                        Chica

Ville                                                    Alexa

Void                                                    Zok

Whisperwind                                      Nefarion

Whitefang                                          Whitewolf

Whitehorn                                          Hephaestus


Windwaker                                         Kalan