Eve Online

Last update:  30.10.2023

I'm afraid I won't tell you much about my Eve activity. The nature of this strange MMO requires one to maintain a level of confidentiality. The more info you give out about your Eve persona, the more a target you make yourself.

Did you blink in surprise? Then you don't know Eve. And that's OK! It's not your mainstream MMORPG. It serves a niche.

Eve is a pervasive PvP environment. By that I mean: no matter where you go in the Eve universe, you face danger. Yes, there are areas where you're less likely to be a victim and others where you take great risk. That's part of the fun. When you play Eve, you constantly balance Risk and Reward. How well you do that determines your effectiveness in the Eve universe.

Eve is a complex game. You never master it. If you believe you have, then it's only a matter of time before Eve smacks you down. Hard. And as you lie there, trying to get back up, Eve will demand to know by what right you attempt to rise again. Such moments will define you. I know of no other MMO on the market that gives you that depth of experience.

Which is not to say it's perfect. No MMO is and Eve has a lot wrong with it. And a lot right. So I play. Perhaps I'll elaborate on that more at some time, but this intro suffices for now.

If you are FOL (Friend of Liv) and you have a genuine interest in Eve, then contact me. You know how.

Update 19.09.2018

This month, CCP (The Eve Admins) announced that Pearl Abyss, the publisher of "Black Desert Online" (BDO), will acquire them. In the official announcement, CCP is all about "similarities, synergies, DNA-matches" and other typical stuff you hear at acquisition time. What I'm focused on: just this month, Pearl Abyss made BDO a pay-to-win (P2W) game, something that I never condone and never support with my subscription euros. You may point out that this doesn't necessarily mean Eve will become so and you'd be right. But if you believe that a Large Corporation that absorbs a Small Company will not eventually change how the Small One runs their business, then you're not paying attention to what happens in the world.

But hope springs eternal, so I'll continue to play Eve for now. I did, however, change my recurring subscription from 1-year to 6-month.

Update 23.07.2019

I cancelled my sub. It's not PA's fault (yet) -- I simply lost my motivation to continue because my corp leader passed away in Real Life. Our corp was small and, for the last six months, he and I were the only active members. He was a wonderful guy and I sorely miss him. Perhaps in time, I'll get over it and rediscover my desire to play. In the meantime, there are so many good games and so little time, so I'm going to focus on others for a while.

Fly safe, choose wisely in battle and be strong.

Update 30.10.2023

Over the last month or two, I've been thinking more and more about getting back in. I believe that's normal. If you stay away from something long enough, you'll eventually miss at least certain things about it and, as imperfect as Eve (or any game) is, I do miss certain things about it.

There's only one thing holding me back: Eve's price policy has changed and not for the better. Yes, Eve is also free-to-play, but if one is serious about a game (which I always am or I don't play), one subscribes. Here is a summary:

Months Cost in Euros Cost per Month
1 19.99 19.99
3 47.98 15.99
6 86.95 14.49
12 149.90 12.49
24 270.99 11.29

If you compare that price structure to other popular MMOs, you'll discover that Eve is more expensive in the 1-6 month bracket, roughly achieves parity at 12 months and is a bit lower at 24 months. Ergo: to pay a fair price for Eve, you must commit to at least a 1-year sub.


Go to Hell, CCP. And take Pearl Abyss with you.

In the meantime, there are other space games out there.