"The first thing you all need to understand..." explains the group leader. " that this--" He gestures around the room. "-- is a ... safe space."

He nods encouragingly and continues, "All of you face the same challenges, problems, disappointments, etc. Here, we understand. Here, you can talk. We've all been there. We all know how it is. So no matter what your story, we get it. And none of us will ever, ever judge you."

He lets that sink in a moment. "Alright, then. Time to share. Let's hear from our first speaker."

He gestures toward the Elezen paladin sitting on the other side of the group circle. The paladin clears his throat nervously, looks around the group and says, "My name is Liv..."

"Hi, Liv," say the group members in unison.

"...and I'm a PUG tanker."

The Paladin Liv takes a deep breath and begins.