I Am Not a Dick

The hardest part about tanking is not holding enmity, protecting the weak (or the stupid) and taking the hits. The hardest part is leading. You, as the Tank, more than anyone else in the party, must know the dungeon. Yes, knowing what to do is everyone's responsibility, because there are fights where you can wipe if even one person is not...

  1. ...where the feck they're supposed to be nor...
  2. ...doing what the feck they're supposed to be doing.

But most of the time, DPSers just need to wail on stuff and Healers just need to heal. So it's tempting for them to not study every little detail of the fights.

But the Tank? You must know it. All of it. All the time. If you don't, it will be tough (if not impossible).

To that end, I study. Everything. Of every duty. I have one (sometimes two) pages of my own notes for every Dungeon (normal & hard) and Primal fight (all three variations). Here's an example of my Tanker Notes for "Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)":

The level of detail is just enough so that I know where the feck to be and what the feck to do, but not enough to overwhelm the brain mid-fight. The colors mean something:

You now have an idea of the effort I put into this, yes?

So when some dumbass runs ahead of me, aggros the whole place, dies and then tries to blame me for it, can you -- in view of what I've shown above -- understand why I get just a wee bit irritated?

Still think I'm a dick?