The Deal with Roleplayers

I carry an "RP" tag. Always. It's what I do. RP, that is.

PUG members remark on it sometimes. Rarely in a good way.

"So are you into cybersex?" some DADPSer (Dumb Ass DPSer) asks.

"Grow up," I respond.

He just laughs, like it's so funny to be a pathetic child.

"So you're going to RP-tank this place?" asks another.

"RP is a 2-way street," I reply.

The concept goes right over his head.

I don't have time to discuss it. I'm tanking. I have mobs to pull, aggro to hold, bosses to fight, positions to consider, mitigations to time, interrupts to hit ... I'm swamped.

But if I did have time...

I might point out that FF XIV is an "MMO". That's the shortened acronym, which has entered colloquial speech simply because, in the TL;DR-cursed society in which we live, most people don't have the patience or the proper span of attention to say "MMORPG". And yet "MMORPG" is what it is. And what does the "RP" part stand for? Anyone care to guess?

So by the very act of playing an MMORPG, you are RPing. I know that's a shocking revelation to those who spend the thing they call "their life" making fun of RPers, simply because looking down on, mobbing or bullying someone else makes such knuckle-draggers feel good about themselves. If you suffer from low self esteem, knocking others down to your sorry level is so much easier than building up love of self.

So I'm a tank who RPs. You should be so lucky.