Sometimes It Defies Logic

Sometimes, it defies logic.

13.05.2018, Sohm Al (Hard)

The group goes well up until last boss. The healer dies as the boss is at 10% health. I don't remember which one was the healer. But we're close, so I call for LB ... twice. LB goes in. Boss goes down. We win, despite the healer kissing the floor. One player is regretful. Another is happy.

The 3rd one is a piece of work named Ursielle. He decides to become eloquent:

I'm confused.

Was he the healer and blamed me for his death?

Was he upset that I called for an LB twice?

Did he prefer to wipe?

Or is he simply a dysfunctional child?

<shrug> I reported him. Let SE sort it out.