Concerning Boyz Who Play Girlz -- Part 2

Last update: 16.11.2022

Did you think about it? OK...

So, how is your Female Avatar your Ideal Woman?

Simple. (Most things are, even if they seem complex). Consider:

-- She does exactly what you want.

-- She does it exactly when you want it.

-- She never argues about it.

-- She does only what you want and never anything else.

-- She is 100% predictable.

-- She has no emotional outbursts, except those you want her to have.

-- She never requires empathy, understanding, expressions of luv, kind words, presents (you may get her stuff, but she never asks for it) or ... anything, really.

-- She never criticizes you, berates you or, in any way, reacts negatively to anything you say or do.

-- And best of all: she looks great doing it.

Get the picture? If you need a bit more...

Compare your Female Avatar to your Real Life (RL) Wife/Girlfriend/Lover/Whatever or to the last girl you went out with or wanted to go out with or at least admired/lusted-for from afar.

Take some time and think about it.

Now do you get the picture?

If you still need help getting there, then I'll make it as painfully clear as I can: your Female Avatar does all the things that your RL Lady does not do. In RL, you are compelled to exercise restraint, be understanding, empathetic, show proof of luv, keep a cool head -- and many other things -- if you want to be successful in your interaction with a RL woman. But in the game ... Wow! It's all so easy, isn't it?

Herein endeth the lesson. You're welcome.