The Badger Spirits

Last Update: 19 December 2014



After Karn Aanug melted down, I drifted aimlessly a while and sought out a guild that might fit me.  I finally found a home in this one on 18 November 2013.  I like The Badgers because they're small and dedicated to excellence in WvW, but with a twist -- instead of emphasizing pwnage in open field fights and seeking the kind of glory that comes with that, this guild operates behind the scenes:  tower upgrades, siege placement, defense, dolyak protection, small-group infiltration, hit-and-run ... exactly the kinds of things I've always done solo because I couldn't find like-minded players.  Now I have and let me tell you:  those activities are far more effective in a group, even if that group is only two or three strong.


Eleanor Mackenzie.  30 November 2013 at the NE Tower, Piken Borderlands.


Saraanne.  30 November 2013, Piken Borderlands.


Commander Carriey.  01 December 2013, at N Camp, Piken Borderlands.


EB Tower Ninja Team, 03 December 2013.  Lester Softkitty, Sigur Vo, Liverius, Naganoth.



Lester Softkitty and Roger Cliffracer, 03 December 2013.


Sigur Vo, 03 December 2013, overlooking an enemy-held Den.



Helgar Despit, Piken Borderlands, NE Tower, 06 December 2013.


Kroc Odinson, Piken Borderlands, NE Tower, 06 December 2013.


07 December 2013.  The Badgers relaxing.  (i.e., not doing WvW).  Carriey, Helger, Necro, Kroc, Liv, Eleanor, Sigur.



Baaz, ever vigilant.  21 December 2014 at The Den.               Eleanor Mackenzie, sans Scary-Face.  22 December 2014, Citadel of Flame.


Erin The Cloud, at the enemy gate, 27 December 2013.


Badgers in action, Gandaran Borderland, Bay Keep.  New Year's Day, 2014.


The Necromancer, Domina Shan Trix, New Year's Day, 2014, Gandaran Borderlands.  Something about a Norn girl...



In the Borderlands ... Panrai, 11 January 2014  ...                                            Trick Dya, 02 February 2014.


11 February 2014.  Desolation Defenders at Hills Keep, shortly after the waypoint activated:  Kroc, Liv, Pro, Chharia.  Kept the homeland safe from enemy incursion while the main body smashed our foes and won glory in Eternal Battleground and the enemy Borderlands.  The true hero doesn't seek adulation.  He fights for right and justice simply because it's his nature.  -- Sheldon Cooper


01 April 2014, after successful capture of Augury Rock Garrison.  Lolli, Meridian, Liv, Necro, Kroc.


Serenity Gale, defending the tower.  14 April 2014.


Badgers and golems, after a successful Garrison capture, 18 April 2014.


Itoshiki Sensai in the Borderlands, 17 May 2014.  Deadly and smart.


23 May 2013, Badgers in Sea-Fairy's Borderland, atop the captured tower, all-Deso map, nothing left to do.



23 July 2014.  Badgers Sarah Salei and Saidear join The Ranger for a two-hour trip through Orr.  Top pic:  successful tank defense before the entrance to Malchor's Leap. Bottom pic:  after liberating the Temple of Dwayna.


14 December 2014.  Herbalist and me, taking a break in TC's Garrison


19 December 2014.  Defending Blackgate's Northwest Tower with two supply traps and a row of chocolate-orange cookies -- just to be irritating.  It worked -- they apparently needed 15 fighters to counter two Badgers.