Last Update: 18 May 2013


This was the guild I led for eight months, from the August 2012 launch until late April 2013.  Sadly, I disbanded the guild because we steadily lost more members than we gained.  Below are some screenies.






Syren Darkmoon, Norn Ranger                                                       Kendra Shadowshaper, with Ruff and me in a tavern in

22 September 2012                                                                              Queensdale, 30 September 2012.



Gerby the Lost                                                                    Emmelinde at Caudecus Manor

01 October 2012                                                                 04 October 2012



Arhina Roarsdottir                                                                          Galowen Goodwill

17 October 2012                                                                              17 October 2012



Arhina Roarsdottir                                                                               Emmelinde, Yngvar, Arhina

02 November 2012                                                                              04 November 2012, Caudecus Manor


The Caudecus Manor group:  Arhina, Jonah, Liv, Logan, Emmelinde, Yngvar.

02 November 2012    


Liv, Arhina, Ahvie (pictured), Ysandra and Lildolayn successfully navigated Captain Fawcett's dastardly traps and obstacles to share a moment with him in his cabin.

10 November 2012


The Twilight Arbor group:  Graysmoke, Arhina Roarsdottier, Liverius, Cass Harding and Yngvar the Scathed.

11 November 2012


The Ascalonian Catacombs group:  Arhina Roarsdottier, Eglar Spirithammer, Liverius, Eir Stegalkin, Cass Harding and Yngvar the Scathed.

02 December 2012


Caudecus Manor, Explorer Path 2, after rescuing the Seraph.  Arhina, Lildolayn, Liv, Cass and Yngvar.

22 December 2012


Sorrow's Embrace.  Arhina, Yngvar, Caithe, Liv, Eglar, Fayes, Zojja.

30 December 2012


Havenguard conquers the Citadel of Flame.  Logan, Cass, Yngvar, Liv, Fayes, Arhina, Rytlock.

07 January 2013




Rainelia.  11 Jan - 03 Feb 2013.


31 January 2013.   Havenguard's MOA (Mighty Orrian Assaulters) after successful operations in the Straits of Devastation.  Rainelia, Liv, Darren, Egar.  (Not pictured:  Sinikko).


11 February 2013.  Crucible of Eternity.  Ahvie, Sinikko, Angelina, Yngvar, Zojja, Liverius.


21 March 2013.  Citadel of Flame.  Left to right:  Logan, Ahvie, Marico, Thalei, Liv, Aren, Rytlock.


01 April 2013.  Super Adventure with Sinikko, Spingo, Fiorinne, Liv, Ilith May.


03 April 2013.  After our first successful Guild Bounty Training.  Fiorinne, Marico, Eglar, Sinikko, Liv, Gerby, Dorp, Ahvie.