Karn Aanug

Last Update: 22 October 2013



This is the guild I joined after disbanding Havenguard.  I've done World-vs-World-vs-World actively since December 2012 and these guys impressed me.  So when Havenguard was no more, it was easy to decide where to go.  Sadly, in October 2013, the Imperious Leader withdrew from WvW action and, even more sadly, no one stepped up to succeed him.  The result is that today's KA is merely a social group, where half the people who are still dedicated to WvW no longer even represent KA while doing so.  It was a good thing -- and it came to its end.  Time to move on and seek new adventure.


16 December 2012.  Commander Harmonizer (Imperious Leader of Karn Aanug) in the Borderlands.




16 May 2013.  Eleonore Hamilton.                                            19 May 2013.  Bessaria.




19 May 2013.  Commander Billy Manslayer.                  20 May 2013.  What Billy does when he's not commanding in the Mists.




21 May 2013.  Bonnie Bone.


01 June 2013.  Battle line outside KA-controlled Briar Tower in RiverBlobberside's Borderland, facing toward the bridge and ruins, from which our enemies laid siege to our tower.  The battle sequence:

  1. Line up.

  2. Dance.

  3. Charge!

  4. Run over the stealth field.

  5. Un-stealth in the enemy's face.

  6. Wipe the enemy.

  7. Collect loot bags.

It was pretty cool.



05 July 2013, Aetherblade Retreat.  Alena Sparks with her "big gun."