Ruff the Wonder Dog (and his pet ranger)

Last Update: 22 October 2014





Ruff the Wonder(Plant)-Dog.  My constant companion and friend.

22 September - 03 December 2012.  (And he still is!  Those are just the foto dates).



In Divinity's Reach.                                                                                                        Ruff and me in Hoelbrek.

15 September 2012                                                                                                       17 September 2012


The Grove, 04 December 2012.  Chilling out.


Borderlands, successful tower defense.

10 December 2012


Borderlands, Shadaran Hills Castle, on the cannon.

31 December 2012

Fear not this night -- you will not go astray.



Eternal Battlegrounds Jumping Puzzle -- reputed to be the most difficult in all Tyria.  I believe it!  Not only hard jumps, but dastardly traps, labyrinthine passages and the ever-present gankers.

09 January 2013


03 February 2013.  Eternal Battlegrounds.  Ever vigilent.



On 11 May 2013, I finally got to the Ruined City of Arah and faced Zaitan himself.


We were victorious.  Afterward, Destiny's Edge and I joined the celebration.



24 May 2013.  At the Siege of Briar Tower.


17 October 2013.  At the Leatherworking Station in Lion's Arch.  Just trying to do some leather work and then...


Early morning, 31 October 2013.  After a job well done in the Borderlands.


07 November 2013.  Our little siege outpost overlooking the north camp, Piken Borderlands.


10 May 2014, while in the Borderlands.  Elise's comment about my voice on Teamspeak.


12 May 2014


Successful keep defense, 30 June 2014.



At the enemy Garrison, 12 July 2014.