Late Afternoon

Last update:  07 October 2013


23 September 2013


"Wait here."  The dog obediently sits down.

He checks himself over one last time.  His leather armor isn't in bad shape at all, since he'd wrapped it up and put it away safely in the bank before his "exile".  It needed some dusting and brushing, but otherwise it was nearly as good as the day he took it off over two months ago.  The bow was another matter -- it had taken him most of the afternoon to clean and shine it, so that it now has what he hopes is an adequate level of appearance.  The quiver and arrows are all new, courtesy of the vendor he visited before coming here.  The guild emblem on his chest is missing -- he resolves to get a fresh one and reattach it ... if this meeting goes well.

He inhales slowly, holds it a moment, blows it out quickly.  A moment's courage and this, too, is done.  He steps forward into the guild's common area, strides across the grounds, stops two paces in front of the Sylvari guardian in heavy armor and salutes.

"I beg to report for duty, Commander."

The other regards him a moment with a slight smile ... then nods.

He nearly does an about-face, but then the Commander asks, "How are you?"

"I'm fine, Sir."

The Commander nods.

He salutes again, turns smartly on his heel and marches away.

And smiles.