Why Desolation is Better than Seafarer's Rest & Baruch Bay


Added here:  31 May 2014

Originally on Deso Forum, 28 May 2014


Supplement, 29 October 2014

My guild and I recently moved off Deso because of the gradual deterioration of the WvW community.  But I'll keep this bit here because it recalls happier times, when Deso really was the best server to be on.  No matter how terrible things become, let us strive to remember the good, for it is part of us and thus helps to define who we are.


Gunner wrote:
... we should be proud that 2 servers focusing on us since the beginning, this is great compliment for Deso!

Yes, it is. And we should be proud.

We have problems in Deso. Big problems. Sometimes our strategy & tactics are crap. Sometimes our commanders don't think. I've sought to highlight some of these issues via my "stories" which, if nothing else, cause you to at least read (and hopefully think) because they're more entertaining than just walling you with text. Such is my hope, anyway.

I firmly believe that, had we followed sound tactics and if all our commanders had the right frame of mind, we would have won this matchup.

Sounds like I'm calling you all out? Nah. You're a good bunch. I promise you: I'd be on another server if I didn't believe that.

So despite our collective dysfunctions, what have we accomplished? Look again at Gunner's words above. Let me restate in my own words: despite our imperfections, we scared the self-proclaimed "WvW Gods" shitless.

Yes we did. We shook them up so badly and threatened them so profoundly, that they felt compelled into collusion with a washed-up, dysfunctional pack of incapables just to be 100% damned sure they could beat us.

If not for that -- and even with our imperfection on the field -- we would have won.

Please think about that for a moment. Because that is huge.

We have big problems on Deso. For my part: I'm not done writing stories about them.

But let's be crystal clear: despite our shortcomings, the events of the last 8.5 weeks prove that we are the best. If we were not the best, then our enemies could have beaten us without resorting to:
  1. Blatant collusion on the map.
  2. Hacking our towers.
  3. TS espionage.
  4. Neglect of real life obligations.
  5. And who-knows-what-else.

If, at the end of this week, our foes call it "victory", then it's certainly

The real victory is already Deso's.

And I, for one, am proud to be among you.

See you on the field.