Flashpoints:  Master (Hard) vs Veteran (Tactical)

I don't do Veteran Flashpoints. I only do Master.

I used to do Veterans, when I was still levelling up. For that period, I guess it makes sense. But once I had the gear and what I considered sufficient knowledge, I left Veterans behind. Since then, I only do Masters.

Veterans are degrading for a healer in two ways.

1st, you may not have a tank. Most Tacticals I did, in fact, were me and three Damagers. That's a Healer's nightmare! Three Leroy Jenkinses, who all expect me to keep them alive. True, the fights are dumbed down compared to Master, but still, the principle upsets me.

2nd, the boss fights have kolto stations. Seriously? Let's consider the lunacy of that. You're a boss in an FP. As preparation for intruders, you set up kolto stations around your combat area that only the intruders will actually use -- neither you nor your supporting mobs will gain any benefit from them. Mind-boggling. And as The Healer, the kolto stations make you almost irrelevant. Why are you even there? What purpose do you serve?

It's not an entirely rhetorical question, because I know the answer. In the absence of any other relevant criteria, the answer to "What is the purpose of the Healer?" is, quite simply: to take the blame when things go to hell.

There are "manuals" for every role in an FP group, a set of instructions to which the particular role adheres. Never seen one? That's no surprise. These "manuals" don't really exist in the physical world. But they very much do exist in the form of a collective "wisdom" that one gains via the hard knocks of "experience" (real experience -- don't confuse it with "experience points" that determine when you level). Or, from a negative perspective -- a collection of dubious assumptions.

Confusing? Examples will help. Here are excerpts about Healers from each of the "role manuals".

TANK MANUAL: the healer is my buddy. He keeps me alive. Unless I'm a bad tank, in which case it's the healer's fault if things don't work out.

DPS MANUAL: if I die, it's the dumb-shit healer's fault. That's obvious. I'll prove it by using ALL-CAPS when I cuss him out for it in group-chat.

HEALER MANUAL: may the Force grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to hide the bodies of dumbass DPSers who pissed me off by being Leroys and then blamed me for their death.

Anyway ... all future comments in this space refer to things that happened in Master Flashpoints.