The Healer's List (1)

So many incidents. How to choose which ones to talk about? I'll just start off alphabetically and take it from there, OK?

Healer's Log 20161012. Hammer Station.

My lead-off incident actually has nothing to do with "healing" -- rather, it's a "moral stand" issue.

Our tank leaves the group early (can't recall why), so we're 3-manning it while awaiting a replacement. Abalon is using a companion tank. A level-60 pops into the group. Abalon promptly starts a vote-kick and the other group member seconds it, so our new tank goes >poof<. Before he poofs, the tank simply asks, "Why?!" I echo it. Abalon demands to know if I actually want to "complete the FP or not." The implication: L60 is too low to do a Master FP.

I was once in a group in Lost Island that included two L50s. And we kicked it. LI is much harder than HS. I thus know that, as tempting as it is, you can never judge a player's effectiveness in a Master FP by their level alone. I've seen too many high-levels flounder and enough lowbies who kicked ass. Kicking someone based on their level alone, without giving them a chance, is short-sighted, arrogant and stupid.

So I leave. Before I can get the /ignore in, Abalon /whispers me to affirm his belief that I am an "imbecile."