The Healer's List (2)

OK ... let's continue crawling through THE LIST aphabetically and see what pops out...

Healer's Log 20160909. Mandalorian Raiders.

Alexandar is the tank. He does fine. One of the DPSers (who I, by default. don't like), does something stupid (can't recall what, but see my post about DPSers and use your imagination) and we wipe. For the 1st time.

The DPSer promptly apologizes. I immediately promote him from "don't like" to "tolerable".

But it's not enough for TankerBoy, who rage-quits. After one wipe.

Sometimes I don't like tanks.

Healer's Log 20161006. Cademimu.

Amerel is a DPSer. The other is Jaq Rand. I don't like them -- that's automatic. But there is a level below "don't like". I reserve it for those whose offenses are truly heinous. I call it "abortion".

Amy and Jaqy are far too cool to heal themselves out of combat -- they expect me to do it for them. Do they not know that they can self-heal if not engaged? Or do they just not give a damn? Either way, they're abortions.

Both of these Abortions are Jedi Shadows. Their idea of "taking a shortcut" is to stealth and then slink by the mobs. I'm a sage. I have no stealth. They demand I follow. When the inevitable happens, they demand to know why I'm incapable of getting past the mobs like they just did. I pick my jaw off the floor and actually try to "explain". They actually refuse my explanation.

It's a dumb conversation. So I leave.

Healer's Log 20150314. Esseles

Eight minutes into the FP, the tank excuses himself to "eat dinner". I would have asked him why he bothered to queue for a Master FP if dinner would be ready that soon, but alas, he's already eating dinner.

DPS1 is upset and rage-quits. Well ... I didn't like him anyway.

DPS2 is Jere-me. (Clever name, I think). The 1st thing we do is kick the dinner-eating tank. Then Jere-me pulls out a DPS Comp and I bring out a Tanker Comp.

We kick ass. Just the two of use. (Well, four, if you count comps -- but they don't get a share of the loot, which is cool).

I find myself liking Jere-me.

Yeah ... it's weird.