Broken Brains (or "DPSers Revisited")

Healer's Log 20130521. Directive 7.

Jith is that "special breed" of DPS that thinks she's a tank. Her modus operandi:

1. Charge in and intiate combat, before the (real) tank can.
2. On her inevitable demise: demand to know why the healer didn't heal her.
3. After Healer explains that she (Jith) is a DPS and not a Tank: charge in and initiate combat, before the (real) tank can.

Jith has a pretty high repair bill. Not to mention making another's /ignore list.

Healer's Log 20120701. Carrick Station

Jo-anna's case is unusual, because it happens in a non-FP location. On the /General channel, she asserts the following:

"I'm the server 2nd best dps!"

The mind boggles. Then has three thoughts.

Thought #1: how does one measure that? And how does one reliably gather data on all the rest of the DPSers on Progenitor? Because you need all of them to support such a statement.

Thought #2: why claim to be 2nd best? Why not just go all the way and say you're the best? I'm thinking she has a "friend" or at least someone she wishes to impress, by appearing "humble" enough to claim 2nd place.

Thought #3: a DPSer claiming to be "best on the server" (or 2nd best) is rather like a tortoise claiming to be the fastest (or 2nd fastest) sprinter among all other tortoises.

Healer's Log 20160802. Hammer Station

Dealing with an HNG (Healer's Nightmare Group). It's an HNG because all three party members are clueless. Specifically, they pull too many trash mobs at one time, who then focus the healer as soon he throws one, little heal and, in zero point nothing, he's dead. Shortly after, the three Leroys are dead, too.

One of them is a "great" piece of work named "Kaeden Reynolds". Mr. KR quickly assesses the situation and, before we can all self-rez, he kindly provides his analysis: "What the hell, healer?! Are you in a DPS spec or something?!"

To which the healer asks, "Did you even notice I was dead?"

The ensuing "conversation" reveals Mr. KR's difficulty in grasping two points:

1. The healer was the first to die, and very quickly.

2. A dead healer is unable to actually cast any heals.

The conversation doesn't improve much from there. So I leave. And the /ignore list increments by one.