Learn by Doing Farging the Hell Up

It's been said that I have "humility issues". Now where would people reading this blog get such an idea?

No matter. Let's dispel it.

Healer's Log 20170112. WZ Odessen Proving Grounds (OPG).

As of this writing, OPG is the newest WZ. I've not figured it out yet. Yes, I've read "guides" on the web. Somehow, I'm not having much luck applying what I read to what's happening in the WZ. I understand all the others -- just not this one.

Let me try anyway ... in OPG, you must stand on objectives to gain points, which then determine who wins. I believe there's a max number that you can hit and then you win. Or the WZ timer runs out and the team with the most points wins. Trick: the objectives are not always active and you only gain points when you stand in them while they are. There are also "battle mods" that activate sometimes and, if you claim one, you have some special ability while you hold the mod or you can activate the mod's one-time ability. Or something like that.

The other interesting thing about OPG is that it's a mixed team -- not Reps vs Imps. You have random members of both factions in each team. No other WZ has that dynamic. This is inline with the KotFE/KotET storyline, where Reps & Imps cooperate to bring down Valkorian.

So I'm in OPG. And as usual, I'm running my "healing game". In a nutshell, it means the following: I'm running around like a headless damn chicken, trying to keep my mates alive and then focusing solely on keeping me alive as the other team inevitably figures out that I'm healing people and they gang-bang me.

This kind of continuous stress doesn't allow much ... flexibility. Like battle mods -- I never pick them up because I don't have time to mess with them with all the healing I need to do. If I take time to figure out what a battle mod does and then try to use it, people die. Including and especially me.

So you can perhaps imagine my consternation when, in the middle of a stressful firefight at an active objective my team is defending, some fool transfers a battle mod to me. As I said above, I never pick these things up and I don't have time to use them, else people die. At the same time, it's a combat asset that one should not waste. So I do what I always do: I click on a teammate and activate transfer.

Except that my attention is so focused on healing that I fail to look closely at this mod I'm "transferring". Too late, I discover that my "transfer" was actually an "activation" . And what I "activate" is actually a "deactivation" -- of the currently active objective. Said another way: the points that my team is accumulating for defending the active objective we're on suddenly dry up -- because I deactivate the objective.

My teammates go ballistic. They bitch loudly and eloquently in chat. Some Sith guy spits on me. The score is so close that, had the objective remained active, my team would have won. With the objective deactivated, we will now lose. Everyone knows it. They are not happy. And they're not shy about saying so.

It's human nature to counterattack when attacked. I'm tempted to lash back with, "Who's the fool who gave me a battle mod? Did he want me to stop healing?! I didn't ask for it!" I could also say something appropriate about the relative (im)maturity of the Sith who spit on me, noting that it's the kind of knuckle-dragging I expect from a pimply-faced little boy who plays games rather than learning how to talk to girls.

It's tempting. But I don't. I force myself to tune out all the immaturity and focus on the truth: I didn't think about what I was doing and thus cocked up in the most spectacular way I have ever cocked up in a warzone since BioWare released SWTOR. I personally snatched Defeat from the Jaws of Victory -- all by myself.

I am thankful for one thing: they didn't call me out by name -- simply "the stupid sage". It gives me hope that they didn't notice my name or perhaps already forgot it. That would help me live it down faster.

So ... humble enough?