The Perfect Troll -- Part 2/2

Thought about it? What did you come up with? I'll give you my take.

My assessment of Sergeant Jerkinator is already in the title of this and the previous post. It's what he is and I'll tell you why in two words: "alternate facts".

Now I'll elaborate...

I've done Lost Island -- and therefore Project Sav-Rak -- countless times as a healer. I'm quite serious when I call it "one of the toughest tests of a healer's ability in a SWTOR FP."  Everyone with whom I've partied with or spoken to concerning this FP and this fight agree -- unless, of course, they're new to it. Here are the challenges the Healer faces in this fight:

The above is the reality of this fight. If you've done this FP and this Boss -- even as a Tank or DPS -- then you know it's not easy. We can justifiably say that it is "common knowledge" that everyone, especially the Healer, must know what they are doing and execute to a high standard.

So in that context, let us have another look at Sergeant Jerkinator's comments:

Mind-boggling, isn't it? How could anyone so well-articulate such an opinion that so clearly conflicts with fact and then, when called on it, double down on such "alternate facts"?

The explanation is simple: because he's a troll.

Or Trump. If The Donald plays SWTOR, then "Sergeant Jerkinator" could well be his player name.