Et tu, Evselas?

Dura Cell gets the /ignore.

The Guild, "Outlanders", reveals itself as rotten. Were this a courtroom and you the guild's lawyer, you'd surely spring to your feet and "Object!"  You might argue that one bad apple, or even several, don't spoil the whole batch. Perhaps you'd also note that a guild as large as the Outlanders will unavoidably represent a wider cross-section of humanity, such that it's unrealistic to expect excellence from all, that some mediocrity or worse is preprogrammed. You might therefore state that it's unfair to judge an entire guild by the actions of a small subset of that guild. You may conclude by affirming that I cannot judge others by the company they keep.

Yes .............................. I can.

When you wear a guild tag, you represent that guild. Always. Whether you intend to or not. When someone observes you act or hears you speak or reads what you write, they can't help but see your guild tag. You'll see one, who thinks he's clever, seek to rationalize himself by declaring, "I speak for myself and not my guild when I say/read/do the following..."

I'm sorry, but no -- you always represent your guild. Because that guild tag is with you always. No "disclaimer" -- no matter how cleverly-formulated or well-delivered -- negates that basic truth. This is simply human nature and perception. And "perception" really does equal "reality."

Seven of them. One of me. Their guest. The one who came because he was needed. If you, Outlander, were not one of those doing the mobbing, you are still guilty because you stood by, remained silent and let it happen. As surely as a bystander to a real life crime, who does nothing, is guilty of criminal complicity, so too are you guilty if you do nothing to hinder your guildmate as he makes a mockery of your guild. So too are you guilty if you willingly continue to wear that tag. And thus do you validate my judgement of your guild.

The Outlanders

An entire guild. I've never had that before.

Healer's Log 20170207. Raid: Dread Palace, 8-man, Story

Evselas is a decent sort who's shared a few FPs with me, so he knows what I can do. He asks if I would come heal in Dread Palace. I've never been to DP. He says it'll be OK. I'm flattered.

While the team does last-minute organization and travel, I'm on Dulfy, cramming. I get a basic understanding of the first boss and I think I've got same on the second. Sort of. But no time for more, as off we go!  I have just enough time to register the fact that this is a guild raid -- the other seven are all Outlanders. I'm the only outsider. This should be good! I say to myself. I'm sure they're well-organized and cohesive, so even if I make a mistake, they'll be cool about it because I'm inexperienced and a guest.

*wistful sigh*  You can probably already feel the impending doom, right?

I make a tactical error on the 1st boss that doesn't result in deaths, but does reduce the raid's maneuverability on the floor. A raid member remarks caustically on it. I frown. Is my lack of experience with the raid perhaps "not OK"? Boss 1 goes down.

On Boss 2, things so south quickly. "Cleanse!" says Dura Cell, the other healer, also a Sage. So I pay attention to the debuffs hitting people and cleanse when I can ... but that ability has a CD and the debuffs are flying faster than I can keep up. DC keeps up a constant stream of what, in his warped view of reality, he undoubtedly perceives as "helpful advice."

I have a different perception of it. But I say nothing. I keep doing my job. But my teeth are clenched and I'm doing a slow burn.

Now others are picking up on it and adding their "helpful" voices to Dura Cell's poison. When the inevitable wipe occurs, I feel only relief that it's over. That feeling then gives over to something else...