Last update:  18.07.2017

Alex Triple

She and I were in an Op on 31.12.2016 and I was her healer.  I put her here because I think she's pretty.  And she can tank, too!

Charenina and her pet wompa, Carrick Station, 08.01.2017.

It's a rare treat to stumble across a piece of random RP of high quality.  Such was this.  For half an hour, I watched them walk around the station, while Charenina provided fun commentary on /general chat about her wompa.  It was an absolute joy to behold.


Nadia Grell

Frank Butcher
Sphynx Guard, Lost Island Master, 08.04.2017

FuzzyWuzzy, Haltia, some healer guy & Enaros the Tank.  Haltia's first time ever.  Fuzz's and En's first time in a long time.

Sphynx Guard, Battle of Ilum Master, 05.04.2017

FuzzyWuzzy, some healer guy, our good friend Talsa-Ko, Enaros the Tank & Tiberius Kirk

Sphynx Guard conquers Kaon Master, 01.04.2017

Altaica the Tank, Tiberius Kirk, some healer guy & Koun'na.