The Things SWTOR People Say

Last update:  06.05.2017

Is cold world. Both full and empty.

- Qyzen Fess, on Coruscant

Why so large a building, just for Republic's elders?

- Qyzen Fess, at the Senate Tower, Coruscant

Prey drown weakness here. Is no place for us.

- Qyzen Fess, at Dealer's Den cantina, Coruscant

If you seek answers, you must always ask questions.

- Master Vandar Tokare

Yuon spoke of this. Where Jedi fought bravely, stood against unstoppable foe. Is great honor to whole Jedi Order.

- Qyzen Fess, at the ruined Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Is wise to know the territory before hunt begins.

- Qyzen Fess

*sigh* The curse of being exemplary -- being needed. Very well.

- Tharan Cedrax

Perfectly good lab being neglected. Where's the zazz? I should have Holiday redesign this whole space.

- Tharan Cedrax, at Farenel Outpost Command Center, Balmorra

Amateurish equipment. Now if I'd been working here, the Empire would -- never mind.

- Tharan Cedrax, at the Troida Military Workshop, Balmoora

Sobrik had a name for being quite the scenic spot once. Until the Empire made itself at home.

- Tharan Cedrax, on Balmorra

I suppose if you have a crater, you may as well make good use of it.

- Tharan Cedrax, at Gorinth Canyon, Balmorra

I intercepted the odd Imperial broadcast, back on Nar Shaddaa. The Empire spun this carnage as a "glorious victory."

- Tharan Cedrax, at the Sundari Battlefield, Balmorra

Is still echoes of battle here. No good deaths.

- Qyzen Fess, at the Sundari Battlefield, Balmorra

Crude and unnecessary -- why use trenches when electrostatic strands work just as well?

- Tharan Cedrax, at the Sundari trenches, Balmorra

When you spend your life fighting, it's easy to forget why.

- Commander Madine, Balmorra

The Force can't dig a garden or build a city's defenses. Sometimes, you must get your hands dirty.

- Jedi wisdom

The trees, the people ... Voss-Ka's so much like home. How long can we stay?

- Nadia Grell

All those resources, all that time and skill and they make a weapon. What a waste!

- Nadia Grell, at Gorma-Koss, Voss

A Jedi is always patient. The results of your actions may be years, even decades away. And you must be willing to wait.

- Padawan Training

A Padawan hones her combat and meditation skills, exercises temperance and is open to the knowledge of all cultures.

- Padawan Training

A Padawan needs to trust her instincts. What are they telling you?

- Padawan Training


- Syre'ne, speeder full-throttle over cliff on Hoth

All seasons, all worlds, under stars and earth -- you and I.

- Sarkhai wedding vow

And I swear to teach you the ways of the Force, protect you from Evil and remind myself that 'training' is eternal.

- Master's Promise to Padawan

And that's why it [bed a Jedi girl] should be done! To stand as a shining beacon of awesome hunkpower to all other men out there.

- Nordtal

Corellians never think ahead. This is what happens.

- Zenith, surveying the destruction

Frozen geysers. Beauty from chaos. Always where you least expect it.

- Zenith, at Clabburn Tundra, Hoth

Cowardly to fight from afar. Not even smell enemy's blood.

- Qyzen Fess

Devour Fear or be devoured.

- Qyzen Fess

Did you see that shot?! Tell me you saw that!

- Felix Iresso

Don't be so modest! You do so much, but no one ever thanks you. The least you deserve is to be appreciated.

Nadia Grell

Great defensive position wasted on a temple.

- Zenith, at the Jedi Temple on Ilum

Hmpf. Skin itches. Perhaps moult comes.

- Qyzen Fess

I am not a "smuggler"! I'm a ... "trader of good repute".

- Sereniti

I can't imagine what anyone could possibly find to write about the blameless existence I lead.

- Brusco, when threatened with a news exposť

I do believe I'm really feeling the benefits of some fresh air and exercise. Who would have thought?

- Tharan Cedrax

I have a great deal of intelligence to catch up on. I intend to begin reviewing and memorizing all relevant dossiers and intelligence reports on our assignment immediately. If I discover any points of confusion or areas where I believe I can contribute, I'll submit a full 587B report.

*blink* Carry on, Dorne.

- Elara Dorne and her CO

I know Jedi like to go without, but building a temple on such a frozen world is going too far.

- Tharan Cedrax, on Ilum

I know the galaxy's dangerous, but if you rush, you miss out on everything worth surviving for.

- Nadia Grell

I sense that-- *sigh* ... No, you'll just have to tell me.

- Nadia Grell

Imagine training here! Going through that arch every day and looking up at the stars!

- Nadia Grell, at the Jedi Temple on Ilum

Is this some part of my training? I don't get it.

- Nadia Grell

It's like Tython's a place where my powers and the Jedi teachings meet. Even if I wasn't your Padawan, there's somewhere I'd belong.

- Nadia Grell

A reliance on words, rather than violence, is the basis of civilization.

- Jedi Wisdom

Jedi speak. Always useful.

- Zenith

Jedi, for once, could we please go somewhere pleasant?

- Tharan Cedrax

Let me see ... religious nutbags that fight with other religious nutbags over some nutbag religion that no one but you nutbags care about when you could be using your powers to bang anything in the galaxy.

- Nordtal, "Jedi and Sith -- A Comparative Study"

Negotiation and problem-solving skills are vital -- you can't fix everything with a lightsaber.

- Padawan Taining

Nice armor, I know, but this staring thing's getting weird.

- Felix Iresso

Now I can see the choices you have to make, how hard things must be for you, too. But at least we have each other ... as allies, I mean!

- Nadia Grell

On broken feet I walk, crushed and alone. The lies they told me have turned the world grey. But oh, that you still breathe and live is a song in this void that gives me life again!

- Sarkhai Poetry

Quiet. Stark. Beautiful. Whole planet is an empty page.

- Zenith, arriving on Hoth

Rancor graveyards. Night desert skies. I remember...

- Qyzen Fess

So I need you to come to the bars with me and be my 'wingman' when I talk to a Jedi girl. Use that 'Master's influence' to persuade her that 'the Force wills it' that she go to bed with me.

- Nordtal, asking for the Chief's "help"

Taking a life affects the Living Force ... and the one who does the killing. This is why Jedi enter battles calmly, with reason.

- Master Satele Shan

That's a good guild over there because the leader has fine pects.

- Sereniti

The galaxy's just ... so violent! How do you cope?

- Nadia Grell

The Imperial Military was supposed to stand for honor and discipline. But my superiors discarded those concepts any time a Sith asked it. I'd always been taught that the Jedi and the Republic were genocidal hypocrites. But the only brutalities I witnessed were committed by my own comrades.

- Elara Dorne, "On Defecting"

There's been so much death. But there's life here too. You've shown me what you fight for -- what you live for.

- Nadia Grell

These ice formations inspired Garrut's theory of tertiary volition. Obvious, now that I see them in person.

- Tharan Cedrax, on Hoth

To be hunter, one must first know silence, stillness, then strength.

- Qyzen Fess

To hunt, to serve, is to live.

- Qyzen Fess

Voss-Ka really is quite lovely. A little quiet for my tastes.

- Tharan Cedrax, on Voss

We're in a war. We can't afford to be nice to our enemies.

- Nadia Grell

Well, you're the leader, Liv and that's huge! But look at Gerryn -- he can stealth and his lightsaber is double-bladed!

- Sereniti, on why girls prefer Jedi Shadows over Sages

What? No sip of brandy before we set out into the cold?

- Tharan Cedrax, arriving on Hoth

Yeah ... Force 'n stuff.

- Sereniti, listening to two Jedi talk

Yes, Master. Whatever you say.

- Nadia Grell

You guys really need t'get out more ... talk t'some real people once in a while ... y'know?

- Brusco, "Practical Advice for Jedi"

You're the best! I mean ... I appreciate your great ... kindness ... Master.

- Nadia Grell

"Liberating" is what I do best ... next to "blowing things up".

- Republic Trooper

ou're not like most Jedi -- that's a compliment.

- Kira Carsen to her Master

No offense to the Council, but if I stood around moralizing all day, I'd need a padded zero-g cell.

- Kira Carsen

Jedi need to get out more.

- Kira Carsen

I was popular before I joined the Jedi. Now I'm really popular.

- Kira Carsen

Personal peace is one thing. But apathy, inaction -- these things are unacceptable.

- Ashara Zavros

Know what I learned from my first Council meeting? I can sleep standing up.

- Kira Carsen

I'm in the prime of my life and I'm spending it with people who enjoy running around on exploding planets.

- Doc

Keylander Station, the "Gateway to Makeb." I hear the sourvenirs are pricey.

- Nadia Grell, arriving at Makeb Orbital

I can see why tourists used to come here. Now there's just mercenaries. The war touches everything.

- Nadia Grell, at Frinn Mesa, Makeb

We could never build cities like this at home. The Hutts don't deserve it.

- Nadia Grell, at Talaos City, Makeb

Oof. How could anyone walk on that lightbridge every day? I'm feeling dizzy just looking at it.

- Nadia Grell, at the bridge, Makeb

All these weapons and they still can't stop us. I'm sure there's a proverb in there somewhere.

- Nadia Grell, at Oggurobb Facilities, Makeb

Toborro's in there, holding Makeb by the throat. And for what? He really must be insane.

- Nadia Grell, at Toborro's Estate, Makeb

He surrounds himself with beauty, but all I can feel here is madness and rage.

- Nadia Grell, in Toborro's Palace, Makeb

Oh my goodness. Shalim's so lucky. Imagine waking up to that view every day.

- Nadia Grell, at Avesta Plantation, Makeb

It takes guts to beuild a house that nice, right next to a drop that high.

- Felix Iresso, at Avesta Plantation, Makeb

Why so grand a place to live? Is not mesas beauty enough?

- Qyzen Fess, at Avesta Plantation, Makeb

Dancing with a lightsaber is a good way to lose weight.

- Bounty Hunter

Ugh. As places of higher learning go, this one has got to be the scariest.

- Vette, in the Sith Academy on Korriban

Welcome to Dromund Kaas, where freedom goes to die and legends are forced on the galaxy.

- Vette

Just when you thought there weren't enough big statues on this planet.

- Vette, at The Unfindished Colossus Construction Site, Dromund Kaas

That's a pretty big wall -- he must really want to keep out the riffraff.

- Vette, at The Wall, Dromund Kaas

You are sort of insane. You know that, don't you?

- Vette, to the Sith Warrior

I'm a city girl, but there's something about this place that rubs me wrong.

- Vette, at Kaas City

Wow, nice lights -- walk in here, you get an instant headache.

- Vette, at the Sith Sanctum, Dromund Kaas

Good thing I'm not afraid of heights. Or invading a hostile Sith compound, for that matter.

- Vette, outside Lord Grathan's estate

Market value of this place must be sky-high. Makes my brain hurt trying to figure.

- Vette, at Lord Grathan's estate

Is that Revan? Impressive ... secret ... shrine ... thingy.

- Vette, at the Revanite Shrine

I know what you're thinking -- nice place for a slaughter, right?

- Vette, on Dromund Kaas

Kaas City makes me feel tiny. I don't suppose you share in that sentiment.

- Vette

Sith sure do love their monuments. If they're trying to impart a sense of doom, you can tell them ... uh ... mission accomplished.

- Vette, at the Dark Temple

Man, I could make a fortune in here. You think maybe I can just take a little ... no?  OKay, okay.

- Vette, in the Dark Temple

Even safe areas on this planet feel like the place could go up in flames at any moment.

- Vette, on Balmorra

Makes me grateful to be with you. I would not want to work here on the best of days.

- Vette, at the Troika Workshop, Balmorra

It's nice to find a little oasis in the middle of all this crazy.

- Vette, at Gorinth Outpost, Balmorra

You'd think a war happened here or something. Just a wild guess.

- Vette, Sundari Battlefield, Balmorra

If you're looking for a little trench warfare -- and really, who isn't? -- this is the place for you.

- Vette, at the Republic Defensive Line, Balmorra

Want to hear something hilarious? I'm almost homesick for Korriban.

- Vette, arriving on Tatooine

Basic rule of xenoarchaelogy: you don't unleash a foreign technology into a population center -- especially one with a man-machine interface.

- Captain Golah, Imperial Reclamation Service, Tatooine

Beautiful planet. But I'm betting those things were built by bugs. Puts a kink in the panorama.

- Vette, at the Alderaan Kilik hives

What a piece of prime real estate. The Thuls built until they ran out of room, huh?

- Vette, at House Thul, Alderaan

No matter how much you climb on this planet, there's always a higher mountain.

- Vette, on Alderaan

Everybody here has a mountain view, but an avalance would wipe them all out.

- Vette, on Alderaan

This planet unnerves me. I sense much suffering here.

- Jaesa Willsaam, on Taris

Thinking of throwing a grenade just to warm things up a bit.

- LT Pierce, on Hoth

Prison riot. Shoot first; toss grenades second; call in an air strike third -- if anything's still moving, then ask questions.

- LT Pierce, on Belsavis

Ah, you caught me marveling at our accomplishments. I will regain my focus.

- Jaesa Willsaam

I sense a lot of apathy and disgruntlement. The morale of Imperial forces here is as low as the temperature.

- Jaesa Willsaam, on Hoth

All I see is whatever, whoever I'm supposed to kill. Makes every planet look the same.

- LT Pierce

All ships, no matter how big and powerful, eventually fall. A lesson for us all.

- Jaesa Willsaam, at the wreck of The Star of Coruscant, Hoth

We must be ready for anything, Master. I sense chaos inside the prison.

- Jaesa Willsaam, on Belsavis

Funny, people usually want to break out of prisons, not in to them.  Guess everything's backwards with the Empire.

- Vette, on Belsavis

Master, I sense the calmness of Jedi here. It's always a burden when we face Jedi -- more often than not, violence cannot be avoided.

- Jaesa Willsaam, Green Jedi area, Corellia

These people are very grounded, confident. I sense unfettered self-assurance from the Shrine of Healing. It calms me.

- Jaesa Willsaam, on Voss

Now, that is one big gun. I guess if size matters, the Gormak win, huh?

- Vette, at Gorma-Koss, Voss

Unrestrained and sinister darkness resides here.  My blood goes cold.

- Jaesa Willsaam, at The Dark Heart, Voss

The Sith clan ravages this place.  We want in.

- Broonmark, on Corellia

Master, everyone on this station is flooded with apprehension. It's as if they're holding their breath.

- Jaesa Willsaam, above Makeb

A few moments with this view and I could almost forget about the war.

- Jaesa Willsaam, on Makeb

Reminds me of the noble houses on Alderaan. Extravagance this grand often hides the corruption within.

- Jaesa Willsaam, at Solida Hesk's Estate, Makeb

One day, I want a statue erected of me.  Don't even pretend I'm alone on that one.

- Vette, on Dromund Kaas

This may be the saddest, most run-down port I've ever seen.  I've said that before, but you keep surprising me.

- Vette, on Rishi

No jokes, no smart comment ... every slaver here -- every scumbag who treats people like property -- has to die.  We have to kill them.

- Vette, at South Beach Landing, Rishi

"Nova Blades".  "Nova Blades".  If I ever start a pirate crew, I'm going to call them the "Star Stabbers".

- Vette, Western Jungle Expanse, Rishi

OK, I admit it -- the Rishi terrify me.  Just look at those beaks!  I'm going to have nightmares about being snapped up and eaten.

- Vette, Rishii Village

Do you hear breathing coming from that cave?  Cave-sized breathing?  Let's not get any closer.

- Vette, outside the beast's cave, Rishi

Being convinced you have a great destiny is a path to destruction.

- Jedi Consular wisdom

Difficult ideas teach more than simple answers.

- Jedi Consular wisdom

The Legislature. Another lovely building wasted on politicians.

- Tharan Cedrax, on Corellia

We're hijacking that?  Hope you brought a ladder.

- Zenith, Makeb, at the Ark

Let's see how tough the Regulators are when they can't shove a blaster in someone's face.

- Felix Iresso, on Makeb

So this is what happens when you give scientists an unlimited budget and say, "Build whatever makes you feel safest."

- Felix Iresso, at the Sanctuary, Makeb

When you make your living in the galaxy's cess pits, it never hurts to be able to sink lower than the competition.

- Gault Rennow

True leaders can't please everyone when the fate of the galaxy is at stake.

- Empress Acina