Last update:  30 December 2006


Treasure-hunting in Southbreak Shore, Tanaris

24 November 2006

Of course we found the treasure!  Some fine rum in there, too.  We had to kick some serious Pirate Butt to get to it, though.


12 November 2006

Notice the cool Scorpid Mail and try to guess who made it!  :-)

In front of the Bank, Trading District, Stormwind City

12 October 2006

Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

11 October 2006

Waiting for passage to Ratchet.  Note the cool belt she's wearing.  Guess who made it?  :-)


03 October 2006

Back when she wore Funny Hats.








09 December 2006

A short break before we again assaulted the Deadwood Furbolgs so we could get the Timbermaw to at least stop hating us.