Blackmist Brigade

Last Update: 17 June 2011



Coilfang Reservoir

23 May 2008


Heroic Arcatraz, 30 September 2008 at 20:38

Brielle the Bear, Syren the Boomchicky, Liv the Kitty, Aly the Healer and Ara the Huntress.  How can you go wrong with so many druids?


117 gut-wrenching, blood-curling, hacky-slashy minutes later...


22:35.  After saving our buddy, Millhouse.



09 November 2008, Zul'Aman.  Dancing next to Zul'jin's corpse.

Left ot right:  Syren, Aerillian, Skewsprocket, Brielle, Jadyn, Livius, Redash, Ara, Kaylea, Issiz.



13 February 2009, Obsidian Sanctum.  The "Less is More" team.

Left to right:  Ara, Issiz, Livius, Falzan, Brielle, Syren, Aargoth, Skewsprocket.


24 February 2009, Blackwing Lair, taking over Lord Victor Nefarius' throne.

Top, left to right:  Wiralna, Fraiser, Kaylea, Falzan, Issiz, Herul.  Throne:  Livius.  Bottom, left to right:  Syren, Edwardson, Alyssa, Alyastrasza.



25 February, 2009.  We finally managed to get into Naxxramas.

Left to right:  Ara, Brielle, Kaylea, Skewsprocket, Livius, Falzan, Alyssa, Herutar, Aargot, Syren.

Kissing the floor:  Noth the Plaguebringer.


25 April 2009

Just one step away from Kel'Thuzad.

Left to right:  Herul, Issiz, Edwardson, Jadyn, Livius, Alyastrasza, Brielle, Krager, Dahlisja, Herutar.



27 April 2009 -- two months and two days after our first foray into Naxxramas.

Left to right...



15 July 2009

Presenting: The Blackmist Heigan Safety Dancers.

Left to right:  Edwardson, Dawnbringer, Dorp, Livius, Herul, Alyastrasza,
Jadyn, Talindas.


26 July 2009

Together with the Vanguard of Valor, we became 16 Level 1 Orcs for an evening and staged a "Peon Revolt" in Orgrimmar.



Ulduar, 18 August 2009.

It took us 2h30m to clear Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis the Furnace Master and the XT-002 Deconstructor.  It was our first guild run to Ulduar.

Left to right:  Herul, Jadyn, Silverain, Edwardson, Livius, Skewsprocket, Issiz, Dorp, Brielle, Litheen.


Ulduar, 26 August 2009.

The Assembly of Iron is Boss #6 for us in Ulduar.  We're coming along!

Left to right:  Aishera, Alyastrasza, Syren, Edwardson, Herul, Dorp, Brielle, Livius, Silverain, Issiz.



Druidesses in Ulduar, 13 November 2009.

Left to right:  Brielle, Syren, Silverain.


15 December 2009 -- Anub'arak down (Trial of the Crusader).

Left to right:  Tonney, Issiz, Tyroll, Charifal, Livius, Alyastrasza, Dorp, Brielle, Aishera, Vangarde.


17 January 2010 -- "The Heroes Ball", another fine Jadyn Production, at the World's End Tavern, Shattrath. 

The finalists, left to right:  Syrutaya as Lady Anaconda, Frinni as Auctioneer Lympkin, Amarthana as Sylvanas Windrunner, Scruttok as Hemet Nesingwary, Saranini as Silas Darkmoon and Scarlet as her father, a high priest of the Wildhammers.


On 26 February, our very own Ahvie captured the Miss Stormwind title.



28 February 2010, Ice Crown Citadel.


08 April 2010

Shortly after her promotion to Brigadier (officer), Jadyn prepares to apply her unique brand of "discipline" to an errant Trooper.


16 April 2010

The BB clears the first wing of Icecrown Citadel.  Left to right:  Vangarde, Herul, Brya, Dorp, Syren, Belleth, Jadyn, Syrutaya, Aylla, Carnessa.


08 May 2010

"Two BB Bikers in Ulduar".  One can barely see above the handlebars.  The other can barely fit on the bike.


17 June 2010, Bhingy in Icecrown Citadel.

The top damage-dealer of the night and her axes of death.


17 June 2010, Bhingy in Icecrown Citadel.

Trying to sneak into Highlord Tirion's personal guard, but he somehow noticed how different she looked from the others and promptly sent her back to the Brigade.


17 June 2010, Winterspring Frostsabers in Icecrown Citadel.

Hands down, the most beautiful riding mount in the Realm.




27 June 2010, Frinni and her "horsie" in Icecrown Citadel.



10 October 2010

After a long pause in raiding because of summer vacations and travel, we finally got back into Icecrown Citadel and finally took down Professor Putricide.

Left to right:  Herul, Gerby, Syren, Jadyn, Ochood, Livius, Skewsprocket, Dorp, Brya, Issiz.



22 October 2010

After defeating the Blood Princes and Blood Queen Lana'thel.

Left to right:  Blueenaar, Aishera, Ochood, Belleth, Skewsprocket, Livius, Jadyn, Vangarde, Dorp, Issiz.



03 November 2010

King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind honored Spingo and Gerby for saving Stormwind.  Good things come in small packages, eh?




23 November 2010

We finally got Sindragosa down, putting us at 11/12 in Icecrown Citadel.

Left to right:  Issiz, Aishera, Brielle, Ochood, Livius, Dorp, Skewsprocket, Wiralna, Litheen, Sevishtra.

And then we visited Arthas for the very first time:

We tried to talk him off the thrown, but it didn't work, so we called in Highlord Tirion Fordring to help.  Things went quickly downhill from there and we battled him for the next two hours, getting him down to 59%.



06 December 2010 -- our final night of raiding before Cataclysm.  Our final hour of the raid.  Damn fine work, Troops!


Left to right:  Ochood, Issiz, Vangarde, Safir, Brielle, Livius, Skewsprocket, Dorp, Sevishtra, Litheen.  Rear:  Highlord Tirion Fordring.  Kissing the floor:  Arthas.

Before departing, we paid our respects to Bolvar Fordragon, the new Lich King.


At the post-raid party, Dorp and Vangarde displayed their matching maces, courtesy of Arthas (Warmace of Menethil):



03 February 2011, World's End Tavern, Shattrath.  The site of VoV's "Peformance Evening".  And what a performance by our own Ahvie!  She won by a large margin.



09 March 2011.  Fallenkiss and Tani.



08 April 2011.  Ahvie and Tani.  Separated at birth...?



Our first Cataclysm guild raid.  In alphabetical order:  Brielle, Brya, Eglarion, Gerby, Khariton (guest from Pride of Elune), Litheen, Marthor, Renwien, Seldara, Sevishtra.



13 June 2011.  Dragon Love.