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Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills

15 October 2006

Galth, Pennie and me, resting at the Inn while awaiting our other two party members.  I think our destination was Stromgarde.


Nijel's Point, Desolace

15 October 2006



Theramore Castle, Dustwallow Marsh

18 October 2006

This is probably the last group foto ever of Sacred Circle members, one day before the guild sadly melted down.  I only recall three of the names for sure:

Galth:  top left.  Me:  top right.  Laileth:  bottom extreme right



Tyroll and me on safari, Stranglethorn Vale

04 December 2006

A rare glimpse of Tyroll not in the company of a lady.



Druid Mianes of The Druid Council

20 December 2006

Tavern in The Park, Stormwind City



Tooly Boomy

Trading District, Stormwind City

20 December 2006

There can only be one Tooly -- irrepressible, hyperactive, devilishly cute, engineer extraordinaire -- and totally at her best when completely smashed.  May your tankard never empty, Dear!

Sadly, Tooly went inactive in February 2007.




Blackrock Spire

06 January 2007

The time when she wore that nice hat, which obscured her face.  Here's a rare glimpse underneath it.  (Had to go panther to get it).




Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

09 January 2007

Seeking the Artisan Blacksmith in pirate town.  Note the cool helm!  (Hard not to, eh?)

(Sadly, Kixie is no longer active).





14 January 2007



Xrim and Kixie

02 February 2007

Bank of Stormwind

The three of us were talking here nicely until Kixie mentioned her frustration with finding reliable sources of Mithril Ore.  So Xrim, who is also a miner, told her about places in the Arathi Highlands.  At that point, the two of them totally forgot that I was standing there as they had a very intense discussion about the ins and outs of mithril mining.   *sigh*  I had to go sit in a tree to regain my sense of equilibrium.



Lady Jaina Proudmoore, High Mage of the Alliance and Ruler of Theramore

04 February 2007

Dustwallow Marsh, near North Sentry Point

Lady Jaina spends most of her time at the top of her tower, but on this occasion, she teleported to the Marsh to personally thank me for helping her and the Alliance uncover a treasonous plot.

Was I in awe?  Oh yes.  Did I kneel?  Damn right, I did!


Mephala, Leader of the Assassins League, Valued Cohort Mercenary, Alleged Rejector of Tyroll's Advances

25 February 2007

Redridge Mountains


Kixie and her new transportation

04 March 2007


Are you still noting the cool helm?  Still hard not to, eh?




16 March 2007





16 March 2007


Healer and Bag-maker par excellance.  Sadly, she went inactive in early May 2007.



Peronius, Leader of the Cohort

17 March 2007


The future's so bright, ya gotta' wear rose-tinted goggles.



12 April 2007





04 May 2007




Leyawiin and Beorg

14 May 2007

Brandmoot, Aerie Peak, Hinterlands

That's a damned cute couple, eh?   Well ... the one on the left is.  ;-)



14 July 2007


Searching for Holy Water.



Miesha & Ranishay

09 December 2007




27 December 2007


Near the Gates of Ironforge.


Gerby the mage.

29 March 2008


01 June 2008

Ranishay, huntress and engineer.



18 August 2009, Streets of Dalaran

Stalia of the Seawolf Crew.  I found the resemblance to Tyrande Whisperwing interesting.


17 January 2010, Shattrath City.

Fallenkiss Shadowsong