Last Update: 21 March 2007




26 October 2006



Scarlet Monastery

29 October 2006



Arathi Highlands

02 November 2006



Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills

03 November 2006

Mish is directing his comment to Peronius.  Here's a hint about about what brought it on:  this was the day Embla suddenly returned from an extended, unannounced absence, whereby Per previously despaired of her ever returning!



Trading District, Stormwind City

05 November 2006



late 2006



Scarlet Monastery

09 January 2007

Playing with his "big gun".


Bank of Stormwind

11 March 2007

This is Mish's "disguise", which he donned after I told him I was going to "meet a lady."  He assured me that I would "never know he was there" because his disguise would allow him to "just blend right in."