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Original:  11 July 2007

From the WoW-Eu Darkmoon Faire Forum

Last Update:  29 August 2007


0. [Mostly IC] Thank you, Genesis  |  11/07/2007 06:42:47 CEST

I would like to extend my humblest thanks and deepest appreciation to Genesis for taking me to Heroic Sethekk Halls yesterday and defeating Anzu the Raven God. As a result, I now enjoy the benefits of Druid Swift Flight Form, but more importantly, Anzu no longer terrorizes my brethren with a corrupted Emerald Dream.

((I know, until the next druid comes along and needs to do the quest chain, but please -- let me have my own little RP moment, eh?)) :-)

The work that I began over a month ago is finally done. Thousands of gold for the riding skill, countless hours of grinding for reputation with Lower City for the Key, chasing a 15-quest chain all over Azeroth and Outland -- all of it finally culminated in last night's demise of the Raven God. It's a moment I'll treasure forever.

It must have been a tough and dangerous fight. My curious wording of that last sentence comes from my impression that the Genesis Fantastic Four barely seemed to break a sweat in doing it. Despite whatever personal contribution I may have made to the group, it was my dinstinct impression that the four of them could have done it all without me. Most of the time, I felt I was just along for the ride! At least I will take some comfort in my belief that, if I was the least significant member of the group, I at least did nothing stupid -- unless it was that unfortunate death-by-ghost in the latter half of our adventure because I didn't move out of the way in time.

Please allow me to personally thank each of you who were there.

Torgamus: Tanker-Man Extraordinnaire. Watching you hold aggro on multiple elite foes was like watching a ballet dancer do "Swan Lake" in a minefield. ... OK, that's probably not the image you were looking for, but damn -- it was beautiful! I dealt damage with near total impunity for the entire run.

Adamil: Sneaky Mr. Death Blades. You move without a sound, strike without mercy and fade away leaving only blood in your wake. Thank you for your willingness to commit your guild's resources to my endeavor.

Lilitha: The Consummate Doctor. The oft-thankless role of the healer performed to perfection. My apologies again for reverting to Elf and casting the Remove Curse on you -- I truly had no idea that you wanted to be "small" for a while!

Shalymar: Combat Tree-Hugger and She Who Organized It All. My debt to you is more than words can express. May your claws never dull and your paws never want for strength. Rock on, Sister!

I know not what I could possibly do for you all to return the favor you have done for me -- but you have only to ask and I swear it will be done. Since you steadfastly refused the mercenary purse I offered for your trouble, we will have to simply say that I owe you.

Fare thee well. Choose wisely in battle always and be strong.



1. Re: [Mostly IC] Thank you, Genesis  |  12/07/2007 02:30:53 CEST

It was our pleasure to have been given the opportunity and trust to embark upon the adventure with You.




2. Re: [Mostly IC] Thank you, Genesis  |  12/07/2007 02:57:20 CEST

Aye aye Livius, smiles upon me face hearin' 'bout this! Ya know, this quest of yars was in me mind as I might've let ya know when we spoke once. Why, I had the guts to face this mighty raven along with ya! So 'tis immensely enjoyable fer me, because I haven't been seein' ya 'round Aldor bank with 'nough time on me hands... in such a circumstance, I'd be reminded again o' this yar quest.

Thus, other kind fellas freely took 'pon themselves to journey through to this final happy conclusion of yar plight for soaring the skies as one of yar kin well should.

Light bless ya, feathery druid, and may all our hearts be enlivened with such merry and brotherly events!