The Wedding

21 November 2008


Syren and Issiz walk through the spectators to the top of the grassy rise.

11/21 20:11:23.500 Issiz takes out a small bag of silvery sand and carefully sprinkles it into an unbroken circle around the grassy hillock.
11/21 20:11:41.718 Syren digs a small hole in the centre of the circle and plants a few seeds, scraping the soil back over them when it is done, and lightly pats the ground back into place.
11/21 20:12:07.921 Peronius seems to be sobering up.
11/21 20:12:30.015 Syren says: In the forests of Ashenvale there is a village so small that its people have taken to naming it after the local military outpost, Maestra.
11/21 20:12:42.421 Issiz says: In the heart of the secret valley of Moonglade lies the enchanted druidic town of Nighthaven.
11/21 20:12:59.375 Syren says: At times divided by a single heartbeat and at others by centuries, these villages bore witness to two very separate but important beginnings.
11/21 20:13:13.718 Issiz says: For it was here, in these places, shrouded in the auras of the world tree, that fate began to lay the pathways which would eventually lead to this place and this time.
11/21 20:13:32.468 Syren says: Like two small rabbit trails, the journeys of Marcus Livius and Kaylethrial Dreamwhisper set out from those two towns and began to trace the contours of the forest floor.
11/21 20:13:54.796 Issiz says: Crossing many hundreds of other trails, byways and tracks, these two pathways, guided by destiny, carved by Cenarius and lit by Elune, eventually, almost miraculously, began to run alongside each other.
11/21 20:14:17.250 Syren says: A huntsman tracking these small ways would have noticed that they crossed over each other countless times, back and forth, as they weaved across the rugged terrain.
11/21 20:14:34.640 Syren says: It would not matter which path he chose from that point on, for soon he would find himself once again standing on an intersection between the two.
11/21 20:14:57.812 Issiz says: And like with the many others whose feet had travelled the pathways, perhaps hoping they would split, diverge and travel on through the forest to separate destinations...
11/21 20:15:10.718 Issiz says: ...the huntsman's boots would only wear these little paths surely and steadily more together.

Kaylea walks to the circle from behind the spectators. Livius walks to the circle from in front of them.

11/21 20:15:23.109 Syren smiles.
11/21 20:15:31.328 Ithiluna lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:15:44.937 Jadyn claps excitedly.
11/21 20:15:45.265 Gerby think Livius and Kaylea make a wonderful couple.
11/21 20:15:48.843 Mercurion claps excitedly.
11/21 20:15:51.750 Redash claps excitedly.
11/21 20:15:57.937 Ilathion smiles and claps.

Kaylea and Livius take their places in the circle. From the audience's perspective, Kaylea is on the right and Livius is on the left. Syren takes her place to Livius' right. Issiz takes his place to Kaylea's left.

11/21 20:16:09.765 Livius says: Listen! For I shall tell you a tale of two Kaldorei.
11/21 20:16:20.015 Livius says: The Girl grew up amongst druids. Her childhood was as normal as any until events conspired to separate her from not only her parents, but her people as well.
11/21 20:16:26.890 Livius says: The details of this would make their own 'story'.
11/21 20:16:35.015 Livius says: She spent many years in the wilds, far from Kaldorei lands, until one day, Sentinels found her and returned her to Darnassus.
11/21 20:16:35.312 Kaylea smiles nervously.
11/21 20:16:46.453 Livius says: The Druids did not want her, so the Temple took The Girl into their care. She became an Apprentice and embarked upon the path of the Priestess.
11/21 20:16:58.109 Livius says: But The Girl was quite the burden to her superiors. She was constantly in trouble, breaking every rule known to the Order and some the Order hadn't even made yet.
11/21 20:17:02.375 Gerby listens intently to Livius.
11/21 20:17:15.078 Aerillian giggles.
11/21 20:17:15.078 Gerby giggles at Livius.
11/21 20:17:15.296 Livius says: Most simply shook their heads sadly. They said she was too wild, clumsy, arrogant, unruly, chaotic, disorganized ... certainly she would never pass the rites to full priestesshood, nor even be ready to embark upon the path.
11/21 20:17:27.234 Jadyn nods at Kaylea.
11/21 20:17:36.593 Livius says: And then one day, The Druid came to the Temple.
11/21 20:17:43.328 Livius says: This fellow enjoyed some renown in Kaldorei circles. Both the Archdruid and the High Priestess treated him with respect.
11/21 20:17:52.906 Kaylea smiles shyly
11/21 20:17:54.781 Livius says: The Girl watched the Druid ascend the ramp that spirals upward to Tyrande Whisperwind's audience chamber.
11/21 20:17:55.312 Mishrack seems to be sobering up.
11/21 20:18:05.640 Livius says: In fact, she never took her eyes off him, totally forgetting her studies and even to report to the kitchen to wash the dishes until one of the kitchen staff was sent to find her.
11/21 20:18:19.203 Livius says: They gave her a few extra dishes to wash that evening.
11/21 20:18:26.078 Mercurion lets out a hearty chuckle.
11/21 20:18:26.671 Wintersong smiles.
11/21 20:18:27.562 Kaylea nods to herself
11/21 20:18:32.890 Livius says: But from that day forward, there was a change.
11/21 20:18:33.937 Sabela quietly snickers to herself.
11/21 20:18:34.703 Jadyn whispers: Wash fishes?
11/21 20:18:42.453 Livius says: The Girl began to take her studies seriously. She even started wearing dresses without being told to, something her superiors at the Temple had been trying in vain to get her to do for some time.
11/21 20:18:54.203 Livius says: She discovered that this Druid was an officer in his guild. She applied. Her heart was in her throat on interview day, because none other than this Druid led the interview team.
11/21 20:19:05.218 Farandair's mind wanders off.
11/21 20:19:08.671 Livius says: She passed the interview and joined the Druid's guild. She could now be closer to him and observe him. Her feelings grew.
11/21 20:19:12.406 Aerillian smiles.
11/21 20:19:19.406 Livius says: One memorable day for her, the Druid led a guild meeting at the Temple of the Moon and, when the meeting adjourned and members were walking down the ramp, she heard him say her name from behind her.
11/21 20:19:26.593 Gerby lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:19:31.937 Livius says: It was the first time since the interview that he'd spoken to her -- his gentle eyes upon her, her rapturous eyes turned up to him -- it was a magical moment.
11/21 20:19:43.687 Livius says: What they actually said was trivial next to the fact that they stood there, just the two of them, talking.
11/21 20:19:53.203 Livius lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:19:55.796 Redash nods.
11/21 20:20:00.140 Livius says: And then one day, the Druid met the 'love of his life'.
11/21 20:20:00.937 Kaylea smiles to herself again
11/21 20:20:09.062 Gerby lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:20:11.015 Livius says: The Girl was crestfallen. She tried to tell herself that this Druid was too high and mighty for her anyway and his fiancÚ was a full Priestess of great fame, a former guild leader who was truly worthy of him.
11/21 20:20:24.234 Mercurion looks at Ithiluna.
11/21 20:20:31.109 Livius says: What could The Girl offer compared to that? she asked herself. She tried to put her feelings away -- but it was too painful. And when pain overcomes us, do we not share it with someone?
11/21 20:20:34.640 Krager whispers to Farandair
11/21 20:20:39.546 Ithiluna looks down.
11/21 20:20:45.125 Livius says: And share it The Girl did ... with none other than The Druid's best friend -- a dwarf, if you can believe it. A bizarre friendship it was -- but a strong one.
11/21 20:20:56.078 Valdor looks at Mishrack
11/21 20:21:02.406 Livius says: The Dwarf felt for The Girl's pain ... and agonized over what to tell her.
11/21 20:21:02.671 Farandair smiles at Krager.
11/21 20:21:10.890 Livius says: Finally, he told her two things.
11/21 20:21:18.750 Livius says: First, he revealed that forces were at work concerning his friend and The Priestess, that he saw an eventual split in their paths.
11/21 20:21:33.890 Livius says: And second, that The Girl must hold to her faith and be true to her feelings, no matter what happens.
11/21 20:21:44.531 Livius says: Not long after that, the Druid's fiancÚ, this great Priestess, made a fateful choice: the Goddess was more central to her life than her Druid.
11/21 20:21:58.390 Livius says: And so she took her vows and joined a special order that has no contact with the outside world, totally isolated and in perfect communion with Elune.
11/21 20:22:05.171 Farandair tries to suppress a chuckle.
11/21 20:22:06.468 Gerby remembers that day.
11/21 20:22:08.296 Ithiluna holds tight to her Tear of Grief.
11/21 20:22:15.531 Livius smiles at Gerby.
11/21 20:22:20.609 Livius lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:22:26.093 Livius says: The Druid was devastated.
11/21 20:22:33.500 Livius says: But for The Girl, hope awakened and she dared to think that perhaps a dream can come true. And almost at the same time, the High Priestess summoned her.
11/21 20:22:35.921 Ithiluna holds her breath.
11/21 20:22:45.500 Livius says: The summons came while The Girl was at the Moonwell on the Temple grounds, pretending to study, but actually hard at work on a drawing of little hearts and two elves kissing.
11/21 20:22:51.359 Gerby holds her breath
11/21 20:22:57.343 Livius smiles.
11/21 20:23:00.250 Valdor raises his eyebrows.
11/21 20:23:10.234 Livius says: Tyrande's messenger so surprised The Girl that she spilled ink on the white rocks that border the Moonwell.
11/21 20:23:16.750 Kaylea's hand grips slightly tighter on her flowers.
11/21 20:23:21.281 Sabela smiles.
11/21 20:23:24.937 Livius says: The Girl was certain that she had done something wrong -- again -- and would be punished -- again.
11/21 20:23:36.031 Livius says: But Tyrande merely smiled at The Girl and told her that she was ready to take the rites to qualify for full status as a Priestess of Elune.
11/21 20:23:46.843 Gerby lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:23:50.468 Livius says: And in this, The Girl's hope increased, for as a full Priestess, would she not finally have the status to dare hope that she could be worthy of this Druid?
11/21 20:24:03.937 Livius says: And so she turned to her studies with renewed vigor. But then, something even stranger happened.
11/21 20:24:06.140 Kaylea nods to herself again.
11/21 20:24:13.171 Livius says: The Druid contacted her ... via a letter that arrived at the Temple.
11/21 20:24:23.546 Livius says: His letter was full of encouragement. Among other things, he expressed his belief that The Girl would succeed on her path and be a fine Priestess of Elune.
11/21 20:24:35.859 Livius says: The letter made the Girl smile for a long time, her eyes far away.
11/21 20:24:46.906 Livius says: She wrote him back. It took a while for her hands to stop trembling and many a draft letter ended up in her 'burn' pile before she finally finished it.
11/21 20:25:01.609 Gerby smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:25:06.375 Livius says: Some days later, they met. And the Druid spoke to her. Really spoke.
11/21 20:25:06.578 Mercurion smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:25:15.703 Livius says: He told The Girl that he already felt something for her the day of her guild interview. That it grew steadily in the time that followed.
11/21 20:25:18.406 Kaylea looks at everyone shyly.
11/21 20:25:24.203 Ithiluna wipes her eyes silently.
11/21 20:25:30.218 Livius says: He further stated that his only reason for speaking to her that day outside the Temple was to fish for information about a man who he was convinced she was seeing. He admitted he was jealous of this man.
11/21 20:25:53.140 Livius says: All this quite shocked The Girl. First off, there never was 'another man'. Second, this Druid would actually be jealous of someone?
11/21 20:25:56.250 Kaylea looks at Livius with the first hint of a cheeky smile.
11/21 20:26:06.218 Livius says: And finally ... The Druid had feelings for her? And for some time now??
11/21 20:26:15.734 Livius says: He admitted to being shy. She couldn't believe it -- this 'great hero' was shy? But he was serious.
11/21 20:26:17.328 Ilathion whispers to Ithiluna in Darnassian: "Are you alright?"
11/21 20:26:27.171 Gerby nods at Livius.
11/21 20:26:30.906 Livius says: He talked of his ex-Priestess, how he foresaw her choice, how badly it hurt him and how strongly he resolved to continue to live and move beyond.
11/21 20:26:31.796 Jadyn wiggles her tail. This story is great!
11/21 20:26:39.187 Ithiluna gives Ilathion a quick, awkward nod.
11/21 20:26:49.500 Livius says: He then admitted that he put his Dwarf friend under severe duress to reveal the contents of The Girl's conversation with him.
11/21 20:27:01.093 Livius says: He recounted how his friend finally gave in and told The Druid everything --
11/21 20:27:05.203 Ithiluna gives Ilathion a fast nod.
11/21 20:27:11.562 Livius says: -- but not without whacking The Druid upside the head for being a 'stubborn fool of an elf' who was 'too blind and stupid' to see that his only true happiness lay with this wild and crazy Girl who secretly adored him.
11/21 20:27:24.093 Sabela lets out a hearty chuckle.
11/21 20:27:27.046 Redash smiles at Mishrack.
11/21 20:27:29.687 Ilathion nods back at Ithiluna slowly.
11/21 20:27:36.265 Gerby giggles at Livius.
11/21 20:27:43.953 Livius says: You can well imagine how speechless all this made The Girl!
11/21 20:27:51.265 Gerby nods at Livius.
11/21 20:27:53.406 Livius says: After pining for him for so long and never seeing evidence that he felt the same way, now all of a sudden, here he was, the object of her dreams, standing right in front of her...
11/21 20:28:04.109 Livius says: ...and telling her things that she only imagined she would ever hear. It was far too unreal for The Girl.
11/21 20:28:07.468 Kaylea's hands are trembling and she is looking at Livius adoringly.
11/21 20:28:16.125 Livius says: When she finally found her voice, she stammered out an accusation that The Druid was merely 'playing' with her, that none of what he said could actually be true.
11/21 20:28:28.671 Livius says: But The Druid just kept looking at her, his expression gentle and slightly amused.
11/21 20:28:38.078 Livius says: And he just kept talking about his feelings.
11/21 20:28:45.718 Livius says: And gradually, she spoke of hers.
11/21 20:28:53.109 Livius says: And by the time they were done speaking, they were in each others' arms.
11/21 20:29:04.515 Ilathion extends his hand to Ithiluna.
11/21 20:29:07.859 Gerby feels the girl story sooo fine.
11/21 20:29:09.593 Syren smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:29:10.453 Livius pauses, looking to the side with a little smile.
11/21 20:29:18.500 Livius says: Nine months passed.
11/21 20:29:20.671 Ithiluna grabs Ilathion's hand.
11/21 20:29:25.593 Livius says: The Girl became a full Priestess. And the Druid kept doing ... whatever druids do. Saving the world, one guesses.
11/21 20:29:32.734 A sly smirk spreads across Livius' face.
11/21 20:29:35.359 Jadyn giggles.
11/21 20:29:42.078 Gerby smiles at Livius.
11/21 20:29:42.296 Sabela snickers at Livius.
11/21 20:29:43.671 Krager whispers to Farandair
11/21 20:29:46.921 Syren grins at Livius wickedly.
11/21 20:29:46.921 Redash lets out a hearty chuckle.
11/21 20:29:47.531 Livius says: And their bond became stronger.
11/21 20:29:48.031 Farandair chuckles at Livius.
11/21 20:29:54.156 Livius says: Even so, it was quite some time before the shy 'hero' mustered the nerve to even kiss her -- on the cheek!
11/21 20:30:03.328 Mercurion chuckles at Livius.
11/21 20:30:05.781 Gerby sighs at Livius.
11/21 20:30:15.265 Livius says: But if love is strong, these things eventually take their course. It was. And they did. For despite ups and downs, between misunderstandings and joy, their love only grew.
11/21 20:30:25.703 Krager smirks slyly at Farandair.
11/21 20:30:27.906 Livius says: And one day, The Druid offered The Priestess a very special ring, one that asked the most important question he knew to ask.
11/21 20:30:38.218 Livius says: And her answer was 'yes'.
11/21 20:30:44.343 Livius says: But The Priestess was also advancing in the Order. And about this time, the High Priestess picked her to be part of a secret and important mission, one that would take her far away for at least a month.
11/21 20:30:59.312 Livius says: The Priestess and the Druid parted, both bravely affirming that it was temporary.
11/21 20:31:02.750 Ithiluna lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:31:12.250 Livius says: The Priestess touched the Druid's face with her left hand, the diamond sparkling on her third finger.
11/21 20:31:20.953 Gerby feels a tear fall from her eyes.
11/21 20:31:24.187 Livius says: 'You have my ring,' said the Druid. 'More importantly--'
11/21 20:31:29.062 Ilathion smiles at Ithiluna.
11/21 20:31:29.328 Kaylea hands lightly come together.
11/21 20:31:32.281 Livius chokes up for a moment, then regains composure.
11/21 20:31:35.203 Valdor nods slowly.
11/21 20:31:41.312 Livius says: 'More importantly,' he said. 'You have my heart.'
11/21 20:31:43.656 Ithiluna gives Ilathion a shy smile.
11/21 20:31:52.515 Livius says: 'And you have mine,' replied the Priestess.
11/21 20:32:06.937 Livius says: And they vowed that, upon her return, there would be a wedding.
11/21 20:32:10.953 Gerby lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
11/21 20:32:13.531 Livius says: Six weeks the Priestess was gone. And after a harrowing adventure, which itself would make a separate story, the two were reunited.
11/21 20:32:17.031 Sabela dabs at her eyes.
11/21 20:32:23.468 Livius says: And true to their word, there would be a wedding. And that is why you are all here.
11/21 20:32:31.578 Jadyn says: Ooo, I get now!
11/21 20:32:32.015 Ithiluna looks down.
11/21 20:32:39.046 Livius grins wickedly at Jadyn.
11/21 20:32:42.921 Livius says: It would be ideal to say 'and they lived happily ever after', but in truth, this story has not reached its end.
11/21 20:32:50.296 Livius says: And that which has brought you here to generously share your time with us is merely the newest chapter to an ongoing saga.
11/21 20:33:00.031 Gerby hopes it won't end.
11/21 20:33:02.500 Ithiluna wipes her eyes once more.
11/21 20:33:04.250 Livius takes Kaylea's hand.
11/21 20:33:06.281 Kaylea trembles slightly as she turns to face Livius.
11/21 20:33:11.109 Gerby claps excitedly.
11/21 20:33:12.406 Mercurion applauds at you. Bravo!
11/21 20:33:13.062 Livius purses his lips together, composing himself, before continuing to speak.
11/21 20:33:28.125 Krager Smiles at the couple.
11/21 20:33:30.656 Livius looks out at the audience again while holding Kaylea's hand.
11/21 20:33:37.671 Livius says: This is the Priestess Kaylethrial Taishar Dreamwhisper -- My Lady. I am well pleased with her.
11/21 20:33:37.859 Valdor nods eagerly.
11/21 20:33:48.000 Livius chokes up a bit.
11/21 20:33:55.859 Gerby smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:33:56.765 Livius says: More importantly, I am -- for reasons I still do not quite understand -- pleasing to her.
11/21 20:34:03.234 Krager lets out a hearty chuckle.
11/21 20:34:04.062 Sabela grins wickedly.
11/21 20:34:09.359 Livius turns to Kaylea again.
11/21 20:34:14.656 Gerby smiles at Livius.
11/21 20:34:16.281 Ithiluna whispers to herself: 'Better be!'
11/21 20:34:16.500 Kaylea grins to herself.
11/21 20:34:16.796 Livius says: Kaylea, I ask you again, this time in front of all these nice people -- will you have me?
11/21 20:34:21.593 Skewsprocket arches an eyebrow.
11/21 20:34:30.687 Gerby holds her breath.
11/21 20:34:33.875 Kaylea looks as if she is about to speak but stops.
11/21 20:34:43.703 Jadyn says: eh-oh!
11/21 20:34:49.687 Kaylea slowly looks up into Livius' eyes and smiles.
11/21 20:34:54.234 Kaylea says: There is a small plant that grows in the Alterac mountains known as Wintersbite.
11/21 20:34:54.515 Ithiluna holds her breath.
11/21 20:35:09.109 Aerillian looks puzzled.
11/21 20:35:09.828 Kaylea's hand brushes Livius' sleeve.
11/21 20:35:11.359 Kaylea says: It is small and tough and in the coldest times of the year this little plant balls itself up as a protection from the frost.
11/21 20:35:18.078 Ilathion holds Ithiluna's hand a bit tighter.
11/21 20:35:22.187 Kaylea says: When spring comes however it opens up its face to the sun and all who live in the forests gather it for their homes because of its delicate beauty.
11/21 20:35:23.203 Gerby wonders why she don't just fall around his neck and say yes.
11/21 20:35:33.312 Farandair listens intently to Kaylea.
11/21 20:35:36.406 Kaylea says: Until I met you I felt like Wintersbite in the heart of a cold snap.
11/21 20:35:41.296 Kaylea says: You are my spring and my most fervent hope was always to be gathered up in your arms and be taken into your home.
11/21 20:35:47.312 Livius smiles shyly.
11/21 20:35:50.765 Kaylea says: I would be more than honoured to accept - If you will have me?
11/21 20:35:51.296 Agatheis smiles at them both and sniffles.
11/21 20:36:01.609 Krager peers at Gerby searchingly.
11/21 20:36:01.921 Syren frowns with disappointment at Gerby.
11/21 20:36:02.109 Livius smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:36:03.156 Kaylea leans up and gently brushes a kiss against Livius' cheek
11/21 20:36:10.546 Livius says: I will, Kay. I will.
11/21 20:36:20.921 Farandair cheers at Kaylea!
11/21 20:36:24.656 Mercurion cheers!
11/21 20:36:27.359 Sabela smiles at the pair.
11/21 20:36:27.953 Farandair says: oh... sorry
11/21 20:36:29.921 Issiz steps forward and gently wraps a mooncloth ribbon around Livius' and Kaylea's left hands, binding them together.
11/21 20:36:50.812 Syren says: Cenarius requests nothing of your love except that it be fruitful.
11/21 20:36:57.609 Issiz says: And Elune holds you to no vows other than those you hold in your heart.
11/21 20:37:10.171 Syren says: And so in that context do you, Marcus Livius and you, Kaylethrial Dreamwhisper promise...
11/21 20:37:29.750 Issiz says: To honour one another as well as yourselves?
11/21 20:37:31.046 Ithiluna ignores the tears running down her cheek.
11/21 20:37:37.687 Syren says: To submit to one another but never to yourselves?
11/21 20:37:45.312 Issiz says: To dream with one another the dreams you before have kept to yourselves?
11/21 20:37:50.125 Gerby wipes off the tears feeling the great love.
11/21 20:37:56.812 Syren says: To always speak plainly and honestly, and in turn listen fully and with understanding?
11/21 20:38:01.000 Sabela holds a hand to her heart and smiles.
11/21 20:38:10.718 Issiz says: To treat one another's hearts and minds as if they were your own?
11/21 20:38:19.953 Syren says: And to love each other with all the capacity you have been given?
11/21 20:38:34.765 Kaylea smiles broadly.
11/21 20:38:39.625 Jadyn bounces up and down.
11/21 20:38:43.250 Kaylea says: This we vow, by the blessing of Cenarius and the will of Elune.
11/21 20:38:47.296 Livius says: This we vow, by the blessing of Cenarius and the will lof Elune.
11/21 20:39:03.859 Skewsprocket sighs happily.
11/21 20:39:05.281 Gerby claps excitedly.
11/21 20:39:05.578 Issiz slowly unwraps the mooncloth ribbon, once again freeing the couple's hands.
11/21 20:39:06.281 Mercurion cheers!
11/21 20:39:14.046 Redash claps excitedly.
11/21 20:39:14.937 Aerillian claps excitedly.
11/21 20:39:22.312 Zatyana smiles.
11/21 20:39:25.046 Ilathion smiles at Livius.
11/21 20:39:27.156 Syren hands a Gold Wedding Band to each of Kaylea and Livius.
11/21 20:39:34.640 Kaylea grins at Livius, a naughty expression in her eyes.
11/21 20:41:04.609 Krager peers around, searchingly.
11/21 20:41:09.140 Kaylea slowly takes Livius' hand and gently places the ring on his finger.
11/21 20:41:26.093 Livius takes Kaylea's hand and gently slips the ring over her finger.
11/21 20:41:27.359 Ithiluna closes her eyes for a long moment.
11/21 20:41:28.921 Gerby smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:41:44.093 Issiz says: Two paths entered this circle, let only one be carved from this day forth into the future until the felling of the world tree and beyond.
11/21 20:42:06.968 Valdor cheers at Issiz!
11/21 20:42:12.984 Syren says: [Darnassian] In your love may your troubles be diminished and balance restored.
11/21 20:42:33.984 Redash smiles at Syren.
11/21 20:42:34.312 Issiz says: Elune'adore.. By the will of Elune
11/21 20:42:38.796 Mercurion whispers: "What did she say?"
11/21 20:42:42.140 Syren smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 20:42:46.593 Syren smiles at Livius.
11/21 20:43:04.421 Mishrack whispers back "Wicked elf heresy, cover yer ears!"
11/21 20:43:10.718 Kaylea grabs Livius' hand and holds it tightly, smiling at everyone.
11/21 20:43:14.343 Sabela claps excitedly.
11/21 20:43:20.281 Agatheis cheers!
11/21 20:43:20.484 Gerby claps excitedly.
11/21 20:43:22.062 Zatyana applauds. Bravo!
11/21 20:43:22.703 Syren is very happy with Livius!
11/21 20:43:22.703 Ara cheers!
11/21 20:43:23.187 Livius smiles out at the crowd.
11/21 20:43:23.703 Redash cheers at Syren!
11/21 20:43:24.687 Krager cheers!
11/21 20:43:27.218 Mercurion claps excitedly.
11/21 20:43:30.843 Farandair cheers!
11/21 20:43:31.953 Syren is very happy with Kaylea!
11/21 20:43:32.250 Redash cheers at Livius.
11/21 20:43:36.375 Ilathion cheers!
11/21 20:43:36.687 Antonia cheers at Syren!
11/21 20:43:36.875 Syren cheers at Kaylea!

Fireworks go off.

11/21 20:43:39.375 Redash applauds at Kaylea. Bravo!
11/21 20:43:42.609 Sabela takes a quick sip from her [Mallian Family Flask]
11/21 20:43:43.078 Valdor whispers "something elvish, but they talk strangely even when they speak common. Not a mention of Uther anywhere!"
11/21 20:43:58.281 Krager cheers!
11/21 20:43:59.296 Sabela applauds. Bravo!
11/21 20:44:02.734 Valdor cheers!
11/21 20:44:04.312 Antonia cheers at Livius.
11/21 20:44:05.625 Ara applauds. Bravo!
11/21 20:44:06.046 Aerillian claps excitedly.
11/21 20:44:07.250 Redash cheers!
11/21 20:44:07.531 Ara claps excitedly.
11/21 20:44:11.859 Krager applauds. Bravo!
11/21 20:44:11.859 Antonia cheers at Kaylea!
11/21 20:44:13.937 Kaylea smiles at Livius with relief.
11/21 20:44:14.500 Ara cheers!
11/21 20:44:17.218 Mishrack seems a little tipsy from the Darkmoon Special Reserve.
11/21 20:44:23.750 Mishrack claps excitedly for Livius.
11/21 20:44:23.750 Skewsprocket cheers for Livius and Kaylea
11/21 20:44:28.187 Mishrack looks tipsy.
11/21 20:44:32.781 Ithiluna says nothing.
11/21 20:44:37.015 Agatheis whispers something to Jadyn.
11/21 20:44:42.843 Gerby is all tears.
11/21 20:44:43.343 Jadyn says: I can be wedding too?
11/21 20:44:53.515 Wintersong quietly holds Farandair's hand.
11/21 20:45:05.484 Farandair smiles at Wintersong.
11/21 20:45:13.546 Ithiluna looks at Ilathion.
11/21 20:45:22.578 Skewsprocket says: Congratulations.
11/21 20:45:40.515 Sabela says: Ah I am so proud.
11/21 20:45:44.000 Ithiluna takes a deep breath and claps her hands slowly.
11/21 20:45:47.218 Redash nods at Sabela.
11/21 20:45:50.171 Gerby wants to go hug the couple but waits 'til someone else does it.
11/21 20:45:53.781 Mercurion joins Ithiluna in applauding
11/21 20:45:59.593 Livius says: Folks, Skew has the booze.
11/21 20:46:04.718 Jadyn seems a little tipsy from the Cherry Grog.
11/21 20:46:09.953 Kaylea says: Thank you all for coming.....It wasn't near as bad as I was expecting.
11/21 20:46:11.562 Mercurion bows down graciously.
11/21 20:46:11.765 Krager says: Huzzah!
11/21 20:46:14.296 Zatyana says: We have the presents.
11/21 20:46:15.375 Livius says: Remember while you're getting booze to perhaps come up here and say something nice to Kay and me.
11/21 20:46:15.687 Ara congratulates Livius.
11/21 20:46:17.000 Livius grins wickedly.
11/21 20:46:17.593 Skewsprocket laughs.
11/21 20:46:20.421 Syren says: everyone come congratulate the couple
11/21 20:46:20.921 Redash says: Congratulations!
11/21 20:46:22.109 Kaylea looks at Livius suddenly and laughs.
11/21 20:46:22.625 Ara congratulates Kaylea.
11/21 20:46:23.453 Mercurion says: congratulations to the both of you
11/21 20:46:25.546 Sabela says: Liv lad!
11/21 20:46:26.343 Syren hugs Livius.
11/21 20:46:28.546 Livius says: And stick around for Sabela's speech, and Mishrack's.
11/21 20:46:29.656 Agatheis hugs Kaylea.
11/21 20:46:31.875 Sabela says: I have a gift for ye.
11/21 20:46:33.375 Syren hugs Kaylea.
11/21 20:46:40.531 Skewsprocket says: shall we set up over here Ed?
11/21 20:46:41.031 Jadyn bounces up and down.
11/21 20:46:43.343 Valdor says: Ehmm... do you have some wholesome milk with you?

Receving line, gift-giving, congratulations, etc.

11/21 21:02:07.828 Edwardson yells: Everyone! Could I ask for some silence?

11/21 21:03:45.656 Edwardson yells: Oi, everyone! I'll try again, have you heard of the game SILENCE? Let's try it out!

11/21 21:04:36.703 Edwardson says: We have a couple of folks who would like to say something to the hopefully happy couple!

11/21 21:04:51.515 Edwardson says: First up, the short, but still pretty damn loud -- Mishrack!
11/21 21:04:55.015 Mishrack whispers: Never!
11/21 21:04:58.031 Ilathion nods at Skewsprocket.
11/21 21:05:00.421 Agatheis claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:05:04.156 Skewsprocket says: *clears throat*
11/21 21:05:05.890 Kaylea gets close to Livius and whispers in his ear
11/21 21:05:06.484 Ithiluna looks at Mishrack.
11/21 21:05:07.437 Skewsprocket says: hello there
11/21 21:05:10.296 Mishrack snickers at Livius.
11/21 21:05:13.234 Valdor applauds at Mishrack. Bravo!
11/21 21:05:13.812 Skewsprocket says: care for a drink Ara
11/21 21:05:15.234 Edwardson says: Oi! Midget! Up here!
11/21 21:05:18.250 Redash says: Go Mishy!
11/21 21:05:19.250 Agatheis is completely smashed from the Darkmoon Special Reserve.
11/21 21:05:22.359 Mishrack says: Bah.
11/21 21:05:24.687 Ara says: Hello Skew, Some darkmoon reserve If you have any left
11/21 21:05:32.140 Kaylea nods at Mishrack
11/21 21:05:32.406 Livius listens intently to Mishrack.
11/21 21:05:34.031 Wintersong claps excitedly for Farandair.
11/21 21:05:36.375 Skewsprocket says: I do, how many mugs would you like?
11/21 21:05:39.562 Mishrack clears his throat
11/21 21:05:41.281 Ara says: One is enough
11/21 21:05:42.781 Redash says: Step into the light, Mish!
11/21 21:05:44.687 Wintersong says: its a bit late dear...but you know what I'm like.
11/21 21:05:50.328 Mishrack says: Reet then.. So tha' wicked elf o'er yonder's ordered me ta utter a few words about 'im then, since none other seemed ta volunteer.
11/21 21:05:52.234 Farandair seems to be sobering up.
11/21 21:05:57.468 Ara thanks Skewsprocket.
11/21 21:05:58.421 Wintersong says: head in the clouds mostly.
11/21 21:05:59.484 Mishrack points at Livius.
11/21 21:06:00.281 Skewsprocket says: Enjoy that, there's plenty more though
11/21 21:06:04.312 Skewsprocket seems a little tipsy from the Glass of Dalaran Red.
11/21 21:06:06.828 Ara smiles at Skewsprocket.
11/21 21:06:09.843 Ara says: I bet there is.
11/21 21:06:11.265 Mishrack says: Very well. And only fitting mind ye, fer ah has something troubling ta reveal. I. Am Livius' Father.
11/21 21:06:12.656 Livius nods at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:20.500 Livius gasps at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:21.906 Mishrack pauses, peering around at the various faces in front of him.
11/21 21:06:22.125 Krager says: Wha!
11/21 21:06:23.625 Syren gasps at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:23.921 Agatheis giggles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:24.921 Ara seems a little tipsy from the Darkmoon Special Reserve.
11/21 21:06:25.625 Valdor listens attentively to Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:25.625 Skewsprocket laughs at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:29.453 Saranini giggles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:30.156 Aerillian laughs at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:30.656 Gerby smiles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:31.828 Kaylea hides her face behind her hand and peeks at Mishrack through her fingers.
11/21 21:06:33.281 Zatyana questions Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:33.484 Mishrack says: Well, nae quite, but certainly 'as felt like tha' at times.
11/21 21:06:34.671 Livius goes pale.
11/21 21:06:35.156 Valdor says: That explains the good relationship.
11/21 21:06:35.703 Ara looks tipsy.
11/21 21:06:39.906 Ilathion smiles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:43.796 Mishrack says: ye see, a long time ago, I came ta these shores ta explore some ruins ta tha North West o' 'ere. Only ta find meself involved with some snot-nosed wee druid.
11/21 21:06:49.781 Gerby giggles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:06:54.187 Syren looks tipsy.
11/21 21:06:55.671 Mishrack smirks slyly at Livius.
11/21 21:06:59.031 Livius bites his tongue. Hard.
11/21 21:06:59.578 Agatheis looks drunk.
11/21 21:07:01.453 Mishrack says: He were tha sorriest thing ever ta grow tails and claws, hardly even able ta jump from one rock ta tha next without fallin' ta his wet slimey doom!
11/21 21:07:09.890 Syren grins wickedly at Mishrack.
11/21 21:07:14.218 Livius blushes at Mishrack.
11/21 21:07:16.187 Kaylea stifles a laugh
11/21 21:07:19.140 Mishrack says: I took 'im in though, ye know. Toured Azeroth with'im, and left nae stone unturned in search o' shinies, for mark my word, his greed nearly rivaled me own!
11/21 21:07:22.968 Peronius nods at Mishrack.
11/21 21:07:34.421 Livius opens his mouth -- closes it again.
11/21 21:07:34.843 Syren frowns with disappointment at Livius.
11/21 21:07:36.250 Skewsprocket seems to be sobering up.
11/21 21:07:40.062 Mishrack says: But.. as any father will know, sooner or later, yer wee one will get inta tha wrong crowd.. and surely this 'appened ta wee Livius also.
11/21 21:07:44.500 Ithiluna mutter to herself: 'Somewhere in the world, two brandsworn happy as a cloud--'
11/21 21:07:53.250 Livius blinks at Mishrack.
11/21 21:08:00.281 Mishrack says: Galth, was 'is name. And he stole me heathen elf away in search o' shinies too! But often they'd get themselves inta tha worst o' trouble and Ol' Mishrack would 'ave ta come save tha day.
11/21 21:08:06.671 Mishrack winks slyly at Livius.
11/21 21:08:14.656 Kaylea is laughing behind her hand quietly.
11/21 21:08:20.156 Gerby smiles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:08:23.484 Mishrack says: One such time, HE would have ye believe, they both came ta save me in Stromgarde ... but tha truth is much more heinous!
11/21 21:08:28.359 Livius just gapes, but says nothing.
11/21 21:08:43.937 Mishrack points an accusing finger at Livius.
11/21 21:08:47.812 Mishrack says: Och nae, he and that Galth rascal 'eard rumours o' shinies and went ta investigate only ta be surrounded by three dozen angry Ogres! Merely by chance, I were passin' by, heard their cries fer 'elp and came ta tha rescue!
11/21 21:09:04.890 Mishrack says: And nae a moment too soon, lemme tell ya!
11/21 21:09:07.171 Valdor cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:09:08.671 Gerby cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:09:09.218 Livius just stands there, mouth hanging open.
11/21 21:09:16.625 Mishrack says: But I digress.. Both tha elves survived, tha ogres did nae, and we all lived ta fight another day.
11/21 21:09:22.984 Jadyn looks tipsy.
11/21 21:09:23.265 Kaylea nudges Livius with her elbow in his ribs.
11/21 21:09:23.562 Livius nods at Mishrack.
11/21 21:09:28.687 Aerillian smiles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:09:36.046 Mishrack says: Eventually though, tha two drifted apart n we came ta tha next issue. Girls.
11/21 21:09:42.828 Mishrack sighs at Livius.
11/21 21:09:44.843 Livius gulps.
11/21 21:09:51.375 Mishrack says: Now, o' course, ah shouldnae say too much 'bout this considerin' tha current occasion, but tha lad suddenly got Obsessed.
11/21 21:09:57.484 Wintersong plays with her hair.
11/21 21:09:59.781 Gerby looks at Livius.
11/21 21:10:00.218 Mishrack apologizes to Kaylea. Sorry!
11/21 21:10:10.296 Kaylea looks at Livius with a questioning smile.
11/21 21:10:11.453 Livius grits his teeth and braces.
11/21 21:10:12.640 Mishrack says: With small EARS if ye'd believe it!!
11/21 21:10:19.093 Livius rolls his eyes.
11/21 21:10:20.687 Redash gasps at Mishrack.
11/21 21:10:21.234 Mishrack nods dramatically.
11/21 21:10:21.515 Krager laughs at Mishrack.
11/21 21:10:29.046 Mishrack says: Every time we went on our wee adventures, he'd bore me ta death with chatter o'er tha latest pair o' wee ears he'd seen whilst prowling in Stormwind, only pausin' briefly ta shriek fer me 'elp if a particularly nasty orc was nearby.
11/21 21:10:30.796 Livius facepalms.
11/21 21:10:43.531 Mishrack says: But as soon as tha danger passed, he'd gabble on about them damnable ears again. Nearly drove me ta insanity I'll 'ave ye know!
11/21 21:10:48.078 Kaylea stifles yet another laugh.
11/21 21:10:49.062 Krager seems a little tipsy from the Caraway Burnwine.
11/21 21:10:57.281 Zatyana quietly snickers to herself.
11/21 21:11:04.062 Livius tries to breathe slow and deep.
11/21 21:11:08.890 Mishrack says: Oddly enough, he never seemed ta find me own small ears all tha' interesting... Nor Per's fer tha' matter.
11/21 21:11:12.187 Mishrack shrugs at Peronius. Who knows?
11/21 21:11:19.328 Peronius agrees with Mishrack.
11/21 21:11:19.546 Skewsprocket laughs.
11/21 21:11:20.875 Valdor nods seriously.
11/21 21:11:24.984 Mishrack says: But.. ye know, days like t'day it be all worth tha agony and pain tha' wee wicked elf brought me through. Ta see tha look on 'is face moments ago, with all 'is lackeys hired and marched up ta witness this event.
11/21 21:11:38.156 Mishrack cheers at Livius.
11/21 21:11:38.875 Zatyana says: Skew, ye might wanna give Liv a drink... He looks like he can use some.
11/21 21:11:42.578 Mishrack cheers at Kaylea!
11/21 21:11:45.796 Gerby claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:11:49.890 Skewsprocket says: indeed.
11/21 21:11:50.625 Kaylea smiles at Livius and Misrack.
11/21 21:11:50.859 Livius blows out pent-up breath with some relief.
11/21 21:11:51.031 Mishrack says: Fer whut seems as an age, I've been tasked with draggin' 'im 'round, teachin' 'im how his wee druidic beliefs were heresy, and shown him tha sights o' tha worlds.
11/21 21:11:51.687 Zatyana applauds at Mishrack. Bravo!
11/21 21:12:03.390 Mishrack says: And finally t'day ah ken hand tha leash ta this poor unfortunate she-elf.
11/21 21:12:12.390 Livius facepalms again.
11/21 21:12:14.343 Mishrack snickers at Kaylea.
11/21 21:12:16.328 Kaylea says: I accept happily.
11/21 21:12:22.203 Kaylea smiles.
11/21 21:12:23.406 Syren grins wickedly at Mishrack.
11/21 21:12:27.312 Mishrack says: Oh no.. I has some mud fer ye too, lass
11/21 21:12:27.906 Livius smiles at Kay with relief.
11/21 21:12:29.546 Mishrack smirks slyly at Kaylea.
11/21 21:12:29.765 Ilathion still struggles to understand the Dwarf.
11/21 21:12:35.593 Mishrack says: O' course, I gots stories 'bout 'er also. O' how she dragged me from tha battlefield still caked in blood, threw me inta a cozy warm inn and poured frothy mead down me gob..
11/21 21:12:35.593 Krager chuckles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:12:40.437 Kaylea 's hand flies up to her mouth.
11/21 21:12:48.000 Mishrack says: .. Until I'd agree to her foolish plan o' capturing me wee elf ward ta make him her own. Had she only known 'ow very willingly I'd gone along with 'er devious plan!
11/21 21:12:56.375 Livius gapes at Kaylea.
11/21 21:12:59.078 Agatheis looks tipsy.
11/21 21:13:08.578 Livius puts his hand in front of his mouth, stifling a laugh.
11/21 21:13:09.921 Mishrack says: There was much scheming, I ken tell ye!
11/21 21:13:11.687 Agatheis is getting drunk off of Darkmoon Special Reserve.
11/21 21:13:12.593 Zatyana says: Skew, got something for the bride as well?
11/21 21:13:16.437 Kaylea shakes her head pretending to be aghast at the suggestion.
11/21 21:13:19.640 Gerby giggles at Mishrack.
11/21 21:13:19.937 Mishrack says: But that be a tale fer another time, and at least, I gots me ale, she got 'er elf, and 'e got himself a new mistress ta follow 'round.
11/21 21:13:32.218 Mishrack says: All ends well, m'ladies and gentlemen, and me throat is dry now!
11/21 21:13:34.078 Syren looks at Mishrack and groans.
11/21 21:13:35.406 Valdor seems to make some mental calculations.
11/21 21:13:38.437 Agatheis claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:13:38.656 Kaylea claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:13:39.218 Mishrack says: So suffice t'say, let us raise our mugs ta tha 'appy couple and celebrate me newfound freedom!
11/21 21:13:40.953 Krager cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:13:41.171 Jadyn claps excitedly.
11/21 21:13:42.375 Peronius claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:13:42.578 Livius applauds at Mishrack. Bravo!
11/21 21:13:45.500 Redash cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:13:45.500 Mishrack cheers!
11/21 21:13:46.093 Farandair cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:13:46.296 Ilathion claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:13:47.406 Valdor applauds at Mishrack. Bravo!
11/21 21:13:47.828 Livius says: Aw, Mish!
11/21 21:13:48.125 Mishrack raises a drink to Livius. Cheers!
11/21 21:13:48.125 Aerillian claps excitedly for Mishrack.
11/21 21:13:48.125 Syren cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:13:49.109 Zatyana cheers!
11/21 21:13:49.406 Krager seems to be sobering up.
11/21 21:13:50.718 Mishrack raises a drink to Kaylea. Cheers!
11/21 21:13:51.531 Redash cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:13:52.640 Gerby cheers at Mishrack!
11/21 21:13:53.296 Livius says: Come here, you're my brother!
11/21 21:13:53.750 Mishrack seems a little tipsy from the Darkmoon Special Reserve.
11/21 21:13:55.296 Ara seems to be sobering up.
11/21 21:13:55.890 Livius says: Now gimme a kiss!
11/21 21:13:58.156 Mishrack says: oh no ye dun!
11/21 21:13:59.578 Livius hugs Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:03.328 Mishrack looks tipsy.
11/21 21:14:04.312 Livius laughs at Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:05.906 Mishrack says: Away! Am FREE now!
11/21 21:14:07.015 Kaylea says: Thank you Mr Mishrack, my "wee druid's" life will not be the same after this.
11/21 21:14:07.359 Ithiluna raises her glass perplexed and drinks her Moonglow in one draw.
11/21 21:14:16.390 Livius grins wickedly at Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:17.734 Mishrack grins wickedly.
11/21 21:14:24.328 Kaylea grins cheekily at Livius.
11/21 21:14:29.765 Livius smiles at Kaylea.
11/21 21:14:31.359 Mishrack says: Hearty congratulationsh ta ye both. And ye take good care 'o him, ye hear?
11/21 21:14:33.531 Agatheis looks drunk.
11/21 21:14:36.593 Mishrack stares Kaylea down.
11/21 21:14:40.015 Livius bow before Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:42.218 Livius thank Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:42.937 Kaylea says: Yes sir, Mr Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:45.078 Livius smirk slyly at Mishrack.
11/21 21:14:46.234 Gerby says: yoo better
11/21 21:14:46.937 Mishrack nods.
11/21 21:14:48.171 Mishrack says: Very well
11/21 21:14:48.765 Kaylea nods honestly
11/21 21:14:54.296 Mishrack bows down graciously.

11/21 21:15:08.781 Edwardson says: Well said! ... or so I think. Now, the next to go and annoy the elf: Sabela!
11/21 21:15:10.828 Ithiluna looks at Ilathion.
11/21 21:15:20.765 Valdor cheers at Sabela!
11/21 21:15:25.203 Kaylea smiles warmly at Sabela
11/21 21:15:28.687 Redash claps excitedly for Sabela.
11/21 21:15:35.250 Sabela says: I once knew a lass, she were wild and free in spirit. The first day I saw her I dreamed for me youth back. She the middle of Stormwind I think...a bit ragged round the edges and possibly scratchin her backside with her wand.
11/21 21:15:55.062 Livius listens intently to Sabela.
11/21 21:15:56.171 Sabela smiles at the couple
11/21 21:15:58.921 Kaylea grins and shame facedly nods.
11/21 21:16:06.312 Livius snickers at Sabela.
11/21 21:16:11.250 Gerby smiles at Sabela.
11/21 21:16:21.406 Sabela says: From that day, I have worried for her, missed her an shared joy an laughter with her.
11/21 21:16:29.140 Sabela says: Just like she were me own.
11/21 21:16:39.312 Kaylea tips her head and smiles at Sabela.
11/21 21:16:56.406 Ilathion smiles at Ithiluna.
11/21 21:17:07.421 Sabela says: it is more than luck to find love however...And it is more than luck to keep love.
11/21 21:17:12.390 Mishrack sneaks off looking for the little Dwarves' room.
11/21 21:17:17.625 Redash nods at Sabela.
11/21 21:17:21.359 Valdor nods at Sabela.
11/21 21:17:28.500 Sabela looks around nervously.
11/21 21:17:30.609 Zatyana sneaks to the back.
11/21 21:17:44.171 Sabela says: Well I am keepin this short...
11/21 21:17:59.984 Sabela says: The lass I once knew in that city has bloomed.
11/21 21:18:11.843 Zatyana thanks everyone.
11/21 21:18:21.187 Sabela says: Into the beauty ye see today, the beauty of soul an mind.
11/21 21:18:31.453 Livius agrees with Sabela.
11/21 21:18:31.953 Kaylea smiles shyly.
11/21 21:18:40.687 Sabela says: But she still has enough spirit to go round.
11/21 21:19:12.296 Sabela says: An I have told her, if she ever needs a lesson on cheek to keep that lad of hers in check...then I be a pretty good teacher!
11/21 21:19:18.843 Livius gasps at Sabela.
11/21 21:19:23.140 Sabela says: So watch out Liv....
11/21 21:19:27.187 Livius groans.
11/21 21:19:28.687 Ithiluna avoids eye contact with Ilathion.
11/21 21:19:28.890 Kaylea cheers at Sabela!
11/21 21:19:38.031 Valdor nods proudly at Sabela.
11/21 21:19:40.218 Kaylea elbows Livius with a grin.
11/21 21:19:42.593 Sabela says: Anyhow, cheers to the happy couple!
11/21 21:19:47.000 Livius thanks Sabela.
11/21 21:19:47.000 Agatheis claps excitedly for Sabela.
11/21 21:19:48.609 Livius applauds at Sabela. Bravo!
11/21 21:19:48.812 Skewsprocket says: cheers!
11/21 21:19:48.812 Redash cheers at Roxannah!
11/21 21:19:49.703 Ilathion smiles slightly at Ithiluna.
11/21 21:19:49.703 Jadyn seems to be sobering up.
11/21 21:19:49.906 Syren waves goodbye to Antonia. Farewell!
11/21 21:19:55.046 Kaylea smiles at Sabela.
11/21 21:19:57.953 Redash says: Well said, Sab!
11/21 21:19:58.375 Edwardson says: Well said to Sabela too!
11/21 21:20:00.390 Syren cheers at Sabela!